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Axisymmetric crack problem for a hollow cylinder imbedded in a dissimilar medium

The analytical solution for the linear elastic problem of flat annular crack in a transversely isotropic hollow cylinder imbedded in a transversely isotropic medium is considered. The hollow cylinder is assumed to be perfectly bonded to the surrounding medium. This structure, which can represent a cylindrical coating-substrate system, is subjected to uniform crack surface pressure. Because of the geometry and the loading, the problem is axisymmetric. The z = 0 plane on which the crack lies, is also a plane of symmetry. The composite media consisting of the hollow cylinder and the surrounding medium extends to infinity in z and r directions. The mixed boundary value problem is formulated in terms of the unknown derivative of the crack surface displacement by using Fourier and Hankel transforms. By extending the crack to the inner surface and to the interface, the cases of surface crack and crack terminating at the interface are obtained. Asymptotic analyses are performed to derive the generalized Cauchy kernel and associated stress singularities. The resulting singular integral equation is solved numerically. Stress intensity factors for various crack configurations, crack opening displacements and stresses along the interface and on z = 0 plane are presented for sample material combinations and geometric parameters.