Spatial analysis of two-wheeled vehicles traffic crashes: Osmaniye in Turkey

Düzgün, Hafize Şebnem
To achieve a sustainable traffic management and sustainable transportation planning in urban areas one of the tools that can be used effectively is Geographic Information Systems. In Turkey Transportation Department under Civil Engineering deals with roads and railways which are open to public such as inner city and outer city traffic arrangements with General Directorate of Security. This paper aims to analyze road traffic accident distribution according to the vehicle types involved in the accidents for urban areas in sample of Osmaniye, Turkey. While chi-square test is used for non-spatial analysis kernel density, nearest neighbor distances and K-function analysis are applied to determine the existence of clustering and hotspots. The network statistics are executed through SANET (Spatial Analysis on a NETwork) V4.1 that runs on ArcMap 10 and for better visualization and understanding the analysis 3D analysis are generated in ArcScene 10. It is realized that the accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles have a high percentage in all accidents. Also the possible reasons to use two-wheeled vehicles at a high rate in the city center are searched by Location Quotient Technique. The importance of this study is to use GIS as a management system for accident analysis with statistical analysis methods.


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