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Public transport improvement policies : assessment of the role of route and fare integration, modal reorganization with special emphasis to İzmir case

Öncü, Mevlüde Ayça
Public transport improvement and new public transport management approaches are accepted as the most effective tools in order to cope with the urban transportation problem threatening sustainable urban life and efficient functioning of urban areas. The need for new solutions to replace, or support, costly new capacities created two new concepts at the two ends of the transportation phenomenon; Travel Demand Management (TDM) on the demand side and Transportation System Management (TSM) at the supply side. The main aim of this thesis is to show whether such public transport improvement policies and measures can make a difference in urban transport and traffic, and contribute to the attainment of a more sustainable transport system. In particular, it is intended to assess the role of fare and pricing policies together with modal reorganization strategies in improving public transport, and increasing its ridership.