Adaptation of the science motivation scale into Turkish and chemistry: Analysis of validity

Cetin-Dindar, Ayla
Geban, Ömer
<jats:p>This study is an adaptation of Science Motivation Scale, developed by Glynn and Koballa, into Turkish and reports validity and reliability of the adapted scale. The sample consisted of 1354 high school students from Ankara and Edirne. The data collected from different types of high schools was analyzed and moderately similar factor structures were found as in the original scale. Based on the principal component analysis, four dimensions which were self-efficacy in learning science, anxiety about science assessment, extrinsically motivated science learning, and intrinsically motivated science learning were determined. These four dimensioned model was analyzed via confirmatory factor analysis and moderate fit was determined. In addition, validity analysis supports the validity of scores on the four-factor model. The Cronbach alpha reliability was found to be 0.913. This scale aims to determine high school students' motivation to learn chemistry. The distinction of this scale is that determining student motivation on learning chemistry rather than asking for general questions in science. The findings of the study are meant to contribute to the chemistry education field by providing an adapted scale.</jats:p>

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A. Cetin-Dindar and Ö. Geban, “Adaptation of the science motivation scale into Turkish and chemistry: Analysis of validity,” Pegem Eğitim ve Öğretim Dergisi, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 15–34, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: