Supporting Simulation Experiments with Megamodeling

Cam, Sema
Dayibas, Orcun
Gorur, Bilge K.
Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.
Yilmaz, Levent
Chakladar, Sritika
Doud, Kyle
Smith, Alice E.
Teran-Somohano, Alejandro
Recent developments in computational science and engineering allow a great deal of experimental work to be conducted through computer simulation. In a simulation experiment, a model of the phenomena to be studied is run in a computing environment under varying model and environment settings. As models are adjusted to experimental procedures and execution environments, variations arise. Models also evolve in time. Thus, models must be managed. We propose to bring Global Model Management (GMM) to bear on simulation experiment management by using techniques and tools from megamodeling. The proposed approach will facilitate model management tasks by providing an interface to query the model repository, relate models with each other, and apply model transformations from/to simulation models. Our proposed Megamodel for Simulation Experiments is based on SED-ML (Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language).
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