Animals as Criminals: Towards a Foucauldian Analysis of Animal Trials

Koyuncu, Emre
Scholarship on the early modern practice of animal trials in Europe has grown substantially in the last few decades. After a critical literature review pointing at the shortcomings of positivist approaches and of the interpretation of the phenomenon as a purely religious practice, I present Foucauldian genealogy as a more rigorous framework for understanding the purpose this peculiar practice may have served. The benefits of adopting a Foucauldian perspective are twofold. First, it allows for a subtle functionalism that does not treat this tradition as a homogeneous block. Second, it gives an opportunity to introduce the animal body into Foucault's genealogy of power, which rather focuses on the human body and interhuman relationships.


A study on the structural and process quality of earlychildhood education and care centers in Ankara
Tekmen, Belkıs; Erdiller Akın, Zeynep Berna; Department of Educational Sciences (2005)
Due to the recognition of the significance of early childhood years worldwide there has been a dramatic increase in the number of early childhood education programs in Turkey. However, the increase in the quantity of such programs bring the question of quality. ın this study the structural and process quality of earlychildhood education and care centers in Ankara is investigated and compared depending on the institutions thay are affiliated to. The data for this study is gathered through a combination of qu...
Set and Forget? The Evolution of Business Law in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
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Gender representations and gender bias in elt textbooks published in the Middle East : a case study of elt textbooks published in Turkey and Iran
Skliar, Olga S; Eröz Tuğa, Betil; Department of English Language Teaching (2007)
In addition to general knowledge on the official curriculum subjects, including the English language, schools convey multiple cultural and ideological meanings, playing a significant role in the processes of socialization and cultural reproduction. The function of school textbooks as powerful agents of socialization is realized through the texts and visuals in the content. Locally issued ELT materials, written in English by local authors, comprise a combination of local and foreign social meanings. Positive...
Mitochondrial DNA Diversity of Modern, Ancient and Wild Sheep (Ovis gmelinii anatolica) from Turkey: New Insights on the Evolutionary History of Sheep
Demirci, Sevgin; Bastanlar, Evren Koban; Dagtas, Nihan Dilsad; Pişkin, Evangelia; ENGİN, ATİLLA; Ozer, Fusun; Yuncu, Eren; Dogan, Sukru Anil; TOGAN, İNCİ ZEHRA (2013-12-11)
In the present study, to contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary history of sheep, the mitochondrial (mt) DNA polymorphisms occurring in modern Turkish native domestic (n = 628), modern wild (Ovis gmelinii anatolica) (n = 30) and ancient domestic sheep from Oylum Hoyuk in Kilis (n = 33) were examined comparatively with the accumulated data in the literature. The lengths (75 bp/76 bp) of the second and subsequent repeat units of the mtDNA control region (CR) sequences differentiated the five hapl...
Innovation and adaptation in a Turkish sample: A preliminary study
Öner Özkan, Bengi (Informa UK Limited, 2000-11-01)
The aim of this study was to examine the representations of adaptation and innovation among adults in Turkey. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with a sample of 20 Turkish adults (10 men, 10 women) from various occupations. The participants' ages ranged from 21 to 58 years. Results of content analysis Showed that the representation of innovation varied with the type of context. Innovation was nor preferred within the family and interpersonal relationship contexts, whereas it was relatively more re...
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