Mineralogical investigation on the harşit-Köprübaşi occurence Tirobolu,Giresun.

Günal, Asuman


Mineralogical and geochemical comparison of skarns in the Akdağmadeni, Akçakışla and Keskin districts, central Anatolia, Turkey
Kuşçu, İlkay; Erler, Ayhan; Department of Geological Engineering (1997)
Mineralogy of the Sütleğen bauxite occurences.(Kaş-Antalya)
Yalınız, M Kenan; Atabey, M. Ender; Department of Geological Engineering (1991)
Mineralogy and production technology of Değirmentepe (Malatya) pottery
Er, Mehmet Bilgi; Göktürk, Emine Hale; Günal Türkmenoğlu, Asuman; Department of Archaeometry (2011)
A series of pottery samples provided from the survey investigations and excavations from Değirmentepe Mound (Malatya), belonging to Chalcolithic (Ubaid), Early Bronze and Iron Ages, were investigated by petrographic and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses to determine their textures, mineralogical compositions and microstructures. The sample microstructures and chemical (semiquantitative) compositions were also studied by scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (SEM - EDX). The c...
Influence of mineralogical characteristics on rheological behavior of tailings slurries
Aktaş, Berke Beste; Altun, Naci Emre; Department of Mining Engineering (2022-8)
The gradual depletion of high-grade ores force mining operations to process ores to finer particles to extract valuable minerals. With the increased amount of fine particles and, in some cases, high clay mineral content presence, complex rheological behaviors in phases including suspensions, such as high viscosity and high yield stress have been observed, causing a decrease in the performance of certain mineral processing operations. Through the study, rheological characteristics of ore tailings slurries wi...
Mineral, metal ve malzemelerin Karakterizasyonu 2018
Kalay, Yunus Eren; Li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li,li, Jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian,jian; Ikhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies,ıkhmayies, Shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia,shadia; Zhang,zhang, Mingming ,Mingming; Carpenter,carpenter,carpenter,carpenter,carpenter,carpenter,carpenter,carpenter, John S. ,John S. ,John S. ,John S. ,John S. ,John S. ,John S. ,John S.; Hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang,hwang, Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang ,Jiann-yang; Monteiro, Sergio Neves; Firrao, Firrao, Firrao, Firrao, Donato ,Donato ,Donato ,Donato; Brown,brown, Andrew ,Andrew; Bai, Chenguang; Peng, Zhiwei; Escobedo-diaz, Juan Pablo; Goswami, Ramasis; Kim, Jeongguk (2018-09-01)
This collection gives broad and up-to-date results in the research and development of materials characterization and processing. Coverage is well-rounded from minerals, metals, and materials characterization and developments in extraction to the fabrication and performance of materials. In addition, topics as varied as structural steels to electronic materials to plant-based composites are explored. The latest research presented in this wide area make this book both timely and relevant to the materials scie...
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A. Günal, “Mineralogical investigation on the harşit-Köprübaşi occurence Tirobolu,Giresun.,” Middle East Technical University, 1974.