A DC Bus Capacitor Design Method for Various Inverter Applications

Hava, Ahmet Masum
Aban, Vahap Volkan
This paper involves the selection and sizing of the appropriate type of dc bus capacitor for various applications utilizing PWM operated three-phase voltage source inverters, such as battery operated systems, PV (photovoltaic) systems, UPSs, and motor drives. It classifies the power converter topologies based on dc bus ripple current frequency characteristics. A general approach for ripple current characterization is provided. Based on these characteristics, the two capacitor types suitable for this purpose, the electrolytic and film capacitors, used in inverter applications are reviewed. Capacitor power loss and voltage ripple calculation are provided for both types. Then, a thorough algorithm for dc bus capacitor design is provided. The application of the proposed design method is demonstrated through several design examples. Overall, the paper helps the power electronics development and design engineer in the design and performance evaluation procedure of dc bus capacitors for three-phase inverters. The method is simple but rigorous and accurate.
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)


A High Performance PWM Algorithm for Common Mode Voltage Reduction in Three-phase Voltage Source Inverters
Uen, Emre; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2008-06-19)
A high performance PWM algorithm with reduced common mode voltage (CMV) and satisfactory overall performance is proposed for three-phase PWM inverter drives. The algorithm combines the near state PWM (NSPWM) method which has superior overall performance characteristics at high modulation index and MAZSPWM, a modified form of the active zero state PWM method (AZSPWM1), which is suitable for low modulation index range of operation. Since AZSPWM1 has line-to-line voltage pulse reversals with small zero-voltage...
A Survey and Extension of High Efficiency Grid Connected Transformerless Solar Inverters with Focus on Leakage Current Characteristics
Özkan, Ziya; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2012-09-20)
In the utility grid interconnection of photovoltaic (PV) energy sources, inverters determine the overall system performance, which result in the demand to route the grid connected transformerless PV inverters (GCTIs) for residential and commercial applications, especially due to their high efficiency, light weight, and low cost benefits. In spite of these benefits of GCTIs, leakage currents due to distributed PV module parasitic capacitances are a major issue in the interconnection, as they are undesired be...
A Near State PWM Method With Reduced Switching Frequency And Reduced Common Mode Voltage For Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters
Un, Emre; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2007-05-05)
The Near State PWM (NSPWM) method, which reduces the common mode voltage/current, is proposed for three-phase PWM inverter drives. The optimal voltage vectors and their sequences are determined. The voltage linearity and DC bus and AC output PWM current ripple characteristics are studied. The method is thoroughly investigated and its performance is compared to conventional methods. Theory, simulations, and experiments show that NSPWM exhibits superior common mode and satisfactory PWM ripple performance char...
A novel two-parameter modulation and neutral point potential control method for the three-level neutral point clamped inverter
Uestuentepe, Buelent; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2007-05-05)
In this work, the Neutral Point Potential (NPP) drift/fluctuation of the three-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter is analyzed and a novel control algorithm, the two-parameter PWM method is proposed to confine the NPP variation to a very small range. The two-parameter PWM method provides superior NPP control performance even with small DC bus capacitors. The method is based on PWM pulse pattern modification and requires no additional hardware. Detailed analytical models of the neutral point current a...
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