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Usage of aluminum dross for slag treatment in secondary steelmaking to decrease amount of reducible oxides in ladle furnace

Geveci, Ahmet
Aydemir, Onur
In this work it is aimed to assess the plant analytical data which appeared during efforts to decrease the effect of carry-over slag (basic oxygen furnace slag) that can not be prevented to leak during tapping of steel in the ladles. While the amount changes, carry-over slag that escaped to ladle, consists of appreciable amount of reducible oxides ("FetO" and MnO) which act as oxygen source for steel bath. By using aluminum dross, containing %30-35 metallic aluminum, which is a non-recoverable process outcome (discard) for most of the aluminum factories, slag reduction behavior will be analyzed together with other parameters such as reaction time, initial amount of total Fe+MnO, amount of reducing agent and reducing effect of soluble aluminum in steel bath while obtaining a slag composition which promotes higher desulphurization capacity and inclusion removal for liquid steel.