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A Single Phase AC-AC Boost Converter With Improved Input Power Factor and THD

Kabir, Md. Ashfanoor
Abedin, Amina Hasan
Mustafiz, Rubiya Binta
İslam, Muhammed Qamarul
Choudhury, M. A.
A new circuit is proposed for single phase AC-AC conversion using Boost topology. Input Power factor, input current Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and efficiency of the circuit are examined for the proposed circuit for different duty cycles. As the output is boosted pwm chopped in ac supply, the voltage gain of the converter has both Buck and Boost characteristics. A single bidirectional switch is used for power conversion and results show good performance. Analysis and simulation results for the circuit are obtained by using software simulation. The circuit can be used in low and medium power applications like light dimmer, speed control of fan motors and electric heater control etc. The main advantage of this new AC-AC converter is its superior power quality.