Thermal loading effects on crep composites

Dara, Besim Gökçe


Forced vibration analysis of generally laminated composite beams using domain boundary element method
Ahmed, Zubair; Dağ, Serkan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2018)
Forced dynamic response of generally laminated composite beam is analyzed by boundary element method. Static fundamental solutions are used as weight functions in the weighted residual statements. The use of static fundamental solutions gives rise to a new formulation named as Domain Boundary Element Method. Displacement field of the generally laminated composite beam is written in accordance with first order shear deformation theory and equations of motion are derived using Hamilton’s principle. Developed ...
Fatigue and static behavior of curved composite laminates
Taşdemir, Burcu; Çöker, Demirkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
By virtue of the fact that curved composite laminates which are utilized as load carrying subcomponents in aircraft and wind turbine structures are subjected to cyclic loading during their operating time, it is crucial to understand fatigue failure mechanisms at least as much as static failure mechanisms. With the intention of understanding fatigue failure mechanisms and thus improving fatigue life of structures, these curved laminates are investigated experimentally under static and fatigue loadings. The f...
Dimensional stability of engineered cementitious composites
Keskin, Süleyman Bahadır; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Şahmaran, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
Cementitious materials with strain-hardening property and high tensile ductility are promising materials on account of their mechanical and durability performances. These materials require special ingredients which make it costly to be used in conventional constructions. Hence, potential applications of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) generally focus on layered systems or repairs which require the use of ECC together with another material. For it to be used especially as a repair material, it shoul...
Thermal analysis of electroinitiated and radiation induced poly(epoxycyclopentanes) and poly(epoxycyclohexanes) by mass spectrometry
Hacaloğlu, Jale; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar (1995-01-01)
Thermal behaviour of electroinitiated and radiation induced poly(epoxycyclopentanes), PECP, and poly(epoxycyclohexanes), PECH, have been studied by a direct pyrolysis mass spectrometry technique. The mechanism of thermal degradation of the samples prepared by electroinitiation was found to be a radical depolymerization mechanism yielding mainly monomer. The broader temperature ranges of thermal decomposition in the case of polymer samples prepared by irradiation may be attributed to more complicated degrada...
Analysis tools for size and shape design of laminated composite shells
Cıbır, Fatih; Oral, Süha; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2001)
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B. G. Dara, “Thermal loading effects on crep composites,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2001.