Free bending vibrations of integrally-stiffened and/or stepped-thickness rectangular plates or panels with a non-central plate stiffener

Yuceoglu, U.
Sunar, O.
The present study is primarily concerned with the "Free Bending Vibrations of Integrally-Stiffened and/or Stepped-Thickness Plates or Panels with a Non-Central Plate Stiffener". The general theoretical formulation is based on the "Mindlin Plate Theory". The plate elements of the system are considered to be made of dissimilar orthotropic materials with unequal thicknesses. The transverse shear deformations and the transverse and the rotary moments of inertia of plate elements are included in the analysis. The damping effects, however, are neglected. The dynamic equations of the orthotropic I'Mindlin Plates" in combination with the stress resultant-displacement expressions are algebraically manipulated. They are eventually reduced to a set of the "Governing System of the First Order Ordinary Differential Equations" in the "state vectors" form. The resulting differential equations system is numerically integrated by making use of the "Modified Transfer Matrix Method (MTMM) (with Interpolation Polynomials)". The mode shapes with their dimensionless natural frequencies are presented for various support conditions in the "isotropic" Al-Alloy and in the "orthotropic" composite cases. Additionally, the effect of some of the important parameters such as ("Stiffener Position Ratio", "Thickness Ratio", "Stiffener Length (or Width) Ratio") on the dimensionless natural frequencies are investigated and plotted. Based on the numerical results, some brief but important conclusions are presented.
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition


Yuceoglu, Umur; Javanshir, Jaber; Guvendik, Oezen (2008-11-06)
This study is mainly concerned with a "General Approach" to the "Theoretical Analysis and the Solution of the Free Vibrations Response of Integrally-Stiffened and/or Stepped-Thickness Plates or Panels with Two or more Integral Plate Stiffeners". In general, the "Stiffened System" (regardless of the number of "Plate Stiffeners") is considered to be composed of dissimilar "Orthotropic Mindlin Plates" with unequal thicknesses. The dynamic governing equations of the individual plate elements of the "System" and...
Sudden drop phenomena in natural frequencies of composite plates or panels with a central stiffening plate strip
Yuceoglu, U; Ozerciyes, V (2000-06-01)
The free bending vibrations of an orthotropic, composite base plate or panel reinforced by a central stiffening plate strip are considered. The orthotropic base plate and the dissimilar, orthotropic, central stiffening plate strip are bonded together with a very thin adhesive layer. The dynamic equations of the lower base plate and the upper stiffening strips are derived according to the 'Mindlin plate theory'. The governing system of partial differential equations is first reduced to a special set of first...
Free flexural( or bending) vibrations analysis of doubly stiffened, composite, orthotropic base plates and panels (in aero-structural systems)
Çil, Kürşad; Yüceoğlu, Umur; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2003)
In this Thesis, the problem of the أFree Vibrations Analysis of Doubly Stiffened Composite, Orthotropic and/or Isotropic, Base Plates or Panels (with Orthotropic Stiffening Plate Strips)ؤ is investigated. The composite plate or panel system is made of an أOrthotropic and/or Isotropic Base Plateؤ stiffened or reinforced by adhesively bonded أUpper and Lower Orthotropic Stiffening Plate Stripsؤ. The plates are assumed to be the أMindlin Platesؤ connected by relatively very thin adhesive layers. The general pr...
Forced vibration analysis of generally laminated composite beams using domain boundary element method
Ahmed, Zubair; Dağ, Serkan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2018)
Forced dynamic response of generally laminated composite beam is analyzed by boundary element method. Static fundamental solutions are used as weight functions in the weighted residual statements. The use of static fundamental solutions gives rise to a new formulation named as Domain Boundary Element Method. Displacement field of the generally laminated composite beam is written in accordance with first order shear deformation theory and equations of motion are derived using Hamilton’s principle. Developed ...
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A three dimensional finite element modeling approach is used to evaluate the effects of preliminary design variables on the performance of tapered composite laminates under tensile loading. Hashin failure criteria combined with a progressive failure algorithm is used for in-plane failure mechanisms and cohesive zone method is used for out-of-plane failures. The modeling approach is validated by a comparison with experimental results from literature. The validated model is used to examine various design vari...
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