Formation of intermetallic phases at the metal-silicon interfaces

Güler(Yaroğlu), Hüsniye


Reduction of surgery-induced peritoneal adhesions by continuous release of streptokinase from a drug delivery system
Yagmurlu, A; Barlas, M; Gursel, I; Gokcora, IH (S. Karger AG, 2003-01-01)
Postoperative abdominal adhesions may lead to intestinal obstruction and infertility. The effect of continuous release of streptokinase to the peritoneal cavity on postoperative adhesions was examined under experimental conditions. Peritoneal adhesions were induced in rats and the animals were further treated by intraperitoneal administration of streptokinase solution, polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate (PHBV) membrane alone and streptokinase loaded PHBV membrane and compared to sham operated and untre...
Synthesis of paracyclophane-peptide based semiconductive peptide hydrogels
Dolgun, Volkan; Özçubukçu, Salih; Department of Chemistry (2017)
Self-assembling peptide hydrogels are becoming an emerging field especially in last decades. Application of these hydrogel forming peptides in biomedical materials, organic electronic devices and tissue engineering is a challenging topic which requires alternative structures to get better and to be easily applied systems. [2.2]Paracyclophane has an interesting structure which two benzene rings are bound to each other with a bridge containing 2 carbons. It is known that the distance between two benzene rings...
Recovery of tungsten from tungsten bearing compounds
Erdoğan, Metehan; Karakaya, İshak; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2013)
Extensive research in recent years has failed to develop any essentially new method of large scale tungsten production. A new tungsten powder production technique from calcium tungstate (CaWO4) has recently been reported. In this thesis, this technique was further explored from the aspects of electrochemical reduction mechanism and kinetics, applicability to scheelite concentrates and industrial production. Cyclic voltammetry, constant potential and constant current electrochemical reduction tests were perf...
Generation of aryl radicals from arylboronic acids by manganese(III) acetate: Synthesis of biaryls and heterobiaryls
Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı; Reis, O; Emrullahoglu, M (2003-01-24)
The efficient generation of aryl radicals from arylboronic acids by manganese(III) acetate is described. In aromatic solvents, in situ generated aryl radicals afford the corresponding biaryls in very good yields. This method works selectively, and yields are better than those from similar, previously described methods. Arylboronic acids carrying sensitive functional groups also work efficiently.
Formation of capsaicin loaded nanoemulsions with high pressure homogenization and ultrasonication
Akbaş, Elif; Soyler, Betul; Öztop, Halil Mecit (Elsevier BV, 2018-10-01)
Nanoemulsions could increase the bioavailability of lipophilic compounds. In this study, nanoemulsions were obtained by high pressure homogenization and ultrasonication using capsaicin (oleoresin capsicum) (2 g/100g) in the oil phase and Tween 80 (2 g/100g), glycerol (0-50 g/100g) in the aqueous phase at pH 7.4 and 3.8. Mean droplet sizes below 65 nm were obtained with ultrasonication. Translucent nanoemulsions with minimum 79% efficiencies were obtained with high pressure homogenization. Pressurized nanoem...
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H. Güler(Yaroğlu), “Formation of intermetallic phases at the metal-silicon interfaces,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2001.