View maintenance in object-oriented databases

Alhajj, R
Polat, Faruk
In this paper, we present a model that facilitates view maintenance within object-oriented databases. For that purpose, we differentiate between two categories of classes, base classes and brother classes. While the former constitute the actual database, the latter are introduced to hold virtual database, i.e., views derived from base classes. To achieve incremental view update, we introduce a modification list into each base class. A series of algorithms are developed to serve the purpose. Finally it happened that, view maintenance within object-oriented databases subsumes that within the nested and hence conventional relational models.

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R. Alhajj and F. Polat, “View maintenance in object-oriented databases,” DATABASE AND EXPERT SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS, vol. 1134, pp. 153–162, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: