Biochemical characterization of Thermoplasma volcanium recombinant 20S proteasome and its regulatory subunit



Biochemical characterization of recombinant 20s proteasome from thermoplasma volcanium and cloning of it's regulatory subunit gene
Baydar, Gözde; Kocabıyık, Semra; Department of Biotechnology (2006)
In this study, we have characterized some biochemical and electrophoretic features of recombinant 20S Proteasome from a thermoacidophilic archaeon Thermoplasma volcanium. As revealed by SDS-PAGE the 20S Proteasome was composed of two subunits, ?- and β- subunits with estimated molecular masses of 24 kDa and 23 kDa, respectively. The highest chymotryptic activity was observed over an alkaline pH range (pH 8.0 ا pH 9.0) and the optimum temperature for the activity was determined as 85oC. The heat stability of...
Biochemical characterization of R.oryzae xylanase and heterologous probe preparation from T. reesei
Ersayın, Ayşegül; Bakır, Ufuk; Türkel, Sezai; Department of Biotechnology (2000)
AFKHAMI, P; HALICIGIL, C; Özcengiz, Gülay; ALAEDDINOGLU, NG (1993-06-17)
Biochemical modeling of logic gates in prokaryotic transcriptional regulation
Aksoy Cankur, İrem; Acar, Aybar Can; Department of Bioinformatics (2022-8)
Logic gates are seen in cells in their daily routines and yet, constructing a synthetic one is still a challenge. In this thesis, AND, OR and XOR logic gates in a bacteria cell are modelled using Python as a simulation tool. Furthermore, function fitting is sought to decrease the complexity of gate functions and increase efficiency. Finally, how protein production would be if an average E.coli bacteria had governed these gates is simulated. The major outcome of this thesis is that it is possible to create l...
Biochemical and immunological characterization of beef liver NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase
Çelik, Haydar; Arınç, Emel; Department of Biochemistry (2002)
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