Contribution of reinforced concrete infills to seismic behavior of structural systems

Canbay, Erdem
Ozcebe, G
The object of this paper is to report an experimental investigation on the internal force distribution in reinforced concrete (RC) frames with added RC walls. The paper describes a special test setup and force transducers designed to determine the internal forces. The transducers were designed so that the stiffness change in the column would be minimal. The paper reports the results of a test in which a 1/3-scale, two-story, three-bay RC frame was first subjected to damaging lateral-drift reversals and was then strengthened with the addition of an RC wall to fill the middle bay and subjected again to drift reversals. The frame, built purposely with the deficiencies commonly observed in buildings in Turkey, was displaced to a roof-drift ratio of 1.6%. The frame developed a base shear force of approximately 14 kN. Two RC walls were then cast to fill the middle bay. Tested in that condition to a drift of 1.6%, the modified structure developed a base shear force of approximately 53 W. The observed hysteresis loops were stable even though slip of the longitudinal bars was observed at the splices in the interior columns.


Effect of introducing RC infill on seismic performance of damaged RC frames
Turk, AM; Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G (2006-07-30)
The main objective of this study was to investigate the seismic behavior of damaged reinforced concrete frames rehabilitated by introducing cast in place reinforced concrete infills. Four bare and five infilled frames were constructed and tested. Each specimen consisted of two (twin) 1/3-scale, one-bay and two-story reinforced concrete frames. Test specimens were tested under reversed-cyclic lateral loading until considerable damage occurred. RC infills were then introduced to the damaged specimens. One bar...
Joint shear strength prediction for reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections
Unal, Mehmet; Burak Bakır, Burcu (2012-02-10)
In this analytical study numerous prior experimental studies on reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections subjected to cyclic loading are investigated and a database of geometric properties, material strengths, configuration details and test results of subassemblies is established. Considering previous experimental research and employing statistical correlation method, parameters affecting joint shear capacity are determined. Afterwards, an equation to predict the joint shear strength is formed based o...
Seismic upgrading of reinforced concrete frames with structural steel elements
Özçelik, Ramazan; Binici, Barış; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
This thesis examines the seismic internal retrofitting of existing deficient reinforced concrete (RC) structures by using structural steel members. Both experimental and numerical studies were performed. The strengthening methods utilized with the scope of this work are chevron braces, internal steel frames (ISFs), X-braces and column with shear plate. For this purpose, thirteen strengthened and two as built reference one bay one story portal frame specimens having 1/3 scales were tested under constant grav...
Performance of a moment resisting beam-column connection for precast concrete construction
Baran, Eray; BARAN, MEHMET; Kurtoglu, Metin; Torra-Bilal, Ines (2021-11-01)
Seismic performance of a specific type of moment resisting precast concrete beam-column connection was investigated through reversed cyclic load tests. Structural steel components were incorporated with precast concrete beam and column elements in the experiments to provide a ductile moment resisting connection. Additionally, nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) of typical monolithic and precast connections was performed to investigate the performance and failure modes of these connections. Concrete Dama...
Seismic Retrofit of Deficient RC Structures with Internal Steel Frames
ÖZÇELİK, RAMAZAN; Akpinar, Ugur; Binici, Barış (2011-12-01)
This paper describes an experimental study on internal steel frames (ISFs) to retrofit seismically deficient reinforced concrete (RC) frames. One reference and six strengthened frame specimens were tested under constant gravity load and cyclic lateral displacement excursions. Installation of the ISF with and without anchors to the RC frame was examined. Test results showed that the snug tight ISF installed inside an RC frame may suffice to realize the benefit of implementing ISFs. If the horizontal shear st...
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