Genetic structure of black pine (Pinus nigra ARNOLD subspecies pallasiana) populations sampled from the Bolkar Mountains

Tolun, AA
Velioğlu, E
Çengel, Burcu N
Kaya, Zeki
In order to determine the magnitude and pattern of genetic diversity among Anatolian Black pine (Pinus nigra ARNOLD subspecies pallasiana) populations sampled in Bolkar Mountains and to recommend the potential populations which may be suitable for in situ conservation of genetic resources in this species, isoenzymes from 14 enzyme systems were investigated by starch gel electrophoresis. For this reason, open pollinated seed megagametophytes of half-sib families originated from the four populations (Camliyayla, Ulukisla, Cehennemdere and Gulekdere) were used.


Pattern and magnitude of genetic diversity in Pinus nigra ARNOLD subspecies pallasiana populations from Kazdagi: Implications for in situ conservation
Cengel, Burcu; Velioğlu, Ercan; Tolun, Ayper A; Kaya, Zeki (2000-01-01)
To determine the genetic structure of black pine (Pinus nigra ARNOLD subspecies pallasiana), populations sampled from Kazdag (Eybekli, Asar, Katrandag, Kalklm, Gurgendag, Kapidag, Mihlidere). Isozymes from 16 enzyme systems were investigated from haploid female megagametophytes by starch gel electrophoresis.
Genetic variation in wood specific gravity of half-sib families of Pinus nigra subsp pallasiana tested at the juvenile stage: Implications for early selection
Kaya, Zeki; Temerit, A; Vurdu, H (2003-01-01)
Seeds from 7 populations (total of 281 half-sib families, progeny test) and 35 seed stands (provenance test) representing natural range of Anatolian black pine (Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana) were sown in a forest nursery in Ankara in 1990 and raised until age 3. Stem wood specific gravity (WSG) of all seedlings was determined at age of 3. The results of this study indicated that WSG did not vary significantly neither among the 7 populations (ranging from 0.41 to 0.42) nor among 35 seed stands (ranging from...
Kaya, Zeki (1994-01-01)
To determine the genetic structure of marginally located populations of Pinus nigra var pallasiana, seedlings of open pollinated families from 7 populations were raised in Kizilcahamam nursery near Ankara for 2 years. Seed weight (SW) and cone weight (CW) for families, number of cotyledon per seedling (GOT), timing of bud set in 1990 (BS90) and in 1991 (BS91), bud burst timing of seedlings in 1991 (BB91), height growth in 1991 (HT90) and final height growth in 1991 (HT91) and final diameter growth of seedli...
Genetic differentiation of Abies equi-trojani (Asch. & Sint. ex Boiss) Mattf. populations from Kazdaǧι, Turkey and the genetic relationship between Turkish firs belonging to the Abies nordmanniana Spach complex
Kaya, Zeki; Neale, David Brian (2008-02-05)
The present study aimed to test the utility of RAPD (randomly amplified polymorphic DNA) and cpSSR (simple sequence repeats) markers for in situ gene conservation programs for fir species, as well as for determining the genetic similarities between the Abies nordmanniana Spach species complex (A. nordmanniana, A. bornmuelleriana Matff., A. equi-trojani (Asch. & Sint. ex Boiss) Mattf.) and between populations of A. equi-trojani, which is a narrow-endemic to Turkey. For this purpose, DNA was extracted and poo...
The pattern of genetic variation in Pinus nigra subspecies pallasiana natural populations from the Kazdagi and Bolkar mountains, Turkey: Implications for in situ gene conservation
Kaya, Zeki; Cengel, BN; Velioglu, E; Tolun, GG (1999-01-01)
Eleven populations of black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold subspecies pallasiana) were studied at 17 polymorphic isoenzyme gene loci. The mean number of alleles per locus (A) was 1.6. Observed heterozygosity (H-obs) was the lowest in the Gurgendag population from Kazdagi (0.119) and the highest in the Qamhyayla population from Bolkar Mountains (0.287). The expected heterozygosities (H-exp) ranged from 0.296 (Asar, from Kazdagi) to 0.181 (Cehennemdere, from Bolkar Mountains). F-ST was 0.0592 for Kazdagi and 0.0358...
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A. Tolun, E. Velioğlu, B. N. Çengel, and Z. Kaya, “Genetic structure of black pine (Pinus nigra ARNOLD subspecies pallasiana) populations sampled from the Bolkar Mountains,” SILVAE GENETICA, pp. 113–119, 2000, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: