LCL-Filter Design for Low-Voltage High-Power Grid-Tied Voltage-Source Converter Considering Various Damping Methods

Kantar, Emre
Hava, Ahmet Masum
The limited switching frequency, size and weight concerns, and the stringent limits for the injected grid current harmonics challenge the implementation of LCL grid filters for low-voltage multi-megawatt (multi-MW) renewable energy converters. Traditional design procedures of such filters employed in low power and high switching frequency converters may not hold for a multi-MW filter interfacing a low-voltage converter switching at low frequency to the electric grid. This paper proposes an LCL-filter design algorithm spanning a wide power range of multi-MW converters where impacts of favored current control method, damping method and pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique are reflected within the design phase. Filter design algorithm was tested under 0.5, 1, and 2-MVA applications. The impacts of designated damping and current control methods were elaborated in terms of dynamic and steady-state performance using 1-MVA converter design case.


Advanced Active Power Filter to Improve Power Quality
Gurguiatu, Gelu; Balanuta, Ciprian; Rosu, Emil; Munteanu, Toader; Dumitrescu, Mariana; Raducan, Elena (2011-09-10)
This paper presents a three-phase Active Power Filter (APF) to improve grid power quality. Starting from indirect control strategy which was used only for three legs - three wires it is proposed in this paper to be used a bridge with three legs - four wire. The new control strategy it was named extended indirect control strategy. The extension consists in passing from the control of a three wire active power filter to the control of a four wire active power filter. The proposed active power filter can compe...
Series Active Filter Based Resonance Damping of High Power Three-phase, LCL Filtered, Grid Connected Voltage Source Inverters
Usluer, S. Nadir; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2014-06-04)
A series active filter (SAF) based method for the damping of resonant harmonics created by the LCL-filter of the grid connected PWM-VSI is proposed. Oscillations in multi-megawatt rated high power inverters with LCL-filters are damped with resistors which create undesired power losses typically up to 1% of the rated power of the system. The method stated in this paper overcomes the stability/oscillation problem while providing a solution to the resistive power loss. The proposed SAF compensated system perfo...
Optimal Design of Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters Considering Cost and Operating Factors
Kantar, Emre; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2016-09-01)
This paper assesses the feasibility of three-phase pulse-width modulated (PWM) three-level voltage-source converters (VSC), namely neutral-point-clamped (3L-NPC) and T-type (3L-T) as alternatives to two-level converter (2L-VSC) for low-voltage multimegawatt renewable energy grid-connected converter applications. For this purpose, a novel design algorithm that takes switching frequency, capacity factor, modulation index, PWM scheme(s), and converter topology(ies) as input is unveiled to provide the design st...
Control Strategies for Grid Connected PWM-VSI Systems
Kantar, Emre; Usluer, S. Nadir; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2013-11-30)
This paper evaluates the current control methods for three-phase voltage-source-inverters (VSIs) connected to the grid via LCL-filters. Current feedback methods from both line and converter sides are compared and theoretical analysis is stated. The analysis is based on the existence of a critical resonant frequency dividing the controlling frequency interval into two regions; namely low and high resonant frequency regions. The feedback types and damping methods are evaluated for both low and high resonant f...
Power Quality Solutions for Light Rail Public Transportation Systems Fed by Medium-Voltage Underground Cables
Terciyanli, Alper; Acik, Adnan; Cetin, Alper; Ermiş, Muammer; ÇADIRCI, IŞIK; Ermis, Cezmi; Demirci, Turan; Bilgin, Hazim Faruk (2012-05-01)
In this paper, the combination of a thyristor-switched shunt reactor and a current source converter-based active power filter has been proposed for mitigation of power quality (PQ) problems of Light Rail public Transportation Systems (LRTSs) fed by long medium-voltage underground cables. A case study has been carried out on a typical LRTS to assess the performance of the proposed solution for both capacitive reactive power compensation of underground cables and harmonic filtering of 12-pulse catenary rectif...
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