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A review on pre-service teachers' views on nature of science

Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül
This paper provides a review about research studies, which specifically focused on developing pre-service teachers' views on nature of science (NOS) through use of explicit-reflective teaching approach. This review is followed by an overview of studies about understanding NOS by means of scientific inquiry (SI). The review also includes the studies that specifically address the Turkish preservice teachers' views about NOS. The review showed that quite amount of studies demonstrated that the development of learners' understanding of NOS by using the explicit-reflective teaching approach is powerful. Besides use of explicit-reflective teaching approach, it was also noticed that implementation of scientific inquiry as a teaching methods was resulted in changing learners' NOS views with scientifically accepted ones. In Turkey, researchers addressed the similar issues. However, review on Turkish literature revealed that more research is needed to develop preservice teachers' NOS views.