A practical guide for testing of complex geometry components by meter-display eddy current instruments

Doyum, Ahmet Bülent
Ertekin, S
Reliability and the reproducibility of results have always been an important concern in non-destructive inspection (NDI). This is especially the ase if the component is critical and has to be inspected periodically. If components are to be examined by Eddy Current Testing (ECT), the test procedure must take into account all the related parameters such as lift-off, geometry, possible conductivity and permeability changes on the test surface as well as the operator dependence. The utilisation of easy to manufacture and specially designed adapter blocks help reduce these difficulties. In this study, alternative ECT procedures using various adapter blocks are prepared for three types of aircraft components with complex geometry. These procedures require a simple meter display instrument and absolute pencil probes, which is the available instrument at the source location of these components.


An integrated system design for building inspection by autonomous UAVs
Küçüksubaşı, Fatih; Sorguç, Arzu; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2017)
Inspection of buildings throughout their lifecycle is vital in terms of human safety as the number of structures increases expeditiously. However, it is not easy to perform inspections for all cases. Physical reachability and complexity of the buildings are major problems along with the safety of inspectors during on-site operations. In this context, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have recently shown great performance collecting visual data through autonomous exploration and mapping in building inspection. ...
Integration of practical supplemental measurements into bridge condition visual inspection grading
Shabana, Nefize; Avsar, Ozgur; Caner, Alp (2020-01-01)
The reliability of condition assessment of bridges obtained from analysis of visual inspection data is always a big concern among structural engineers. It has been known that the condition grading of a bridge is very subjective and can convey limited information to the end user. To finalize and verify the reported condition grading, inspectors and bridge owners have mainly been relying on images. It has been known that the image observation may not be sufficient to address all kinds of problems associated w...
Comparison of two non-destructive inspection techniques on the basis of sensitivity and reliability
Simir, Mehmet; Ankara, Alpay (2007-01-01)
Two non-destructive inspection (NDI) methods have been used to determine the damage tolerance life prediction of acro-engine turbine discs. For this purpose, low cycle fatigue cracks were examined in the compressor discs of tie bolt holes. The successful implementation of damage tolerance design method strongly depends on the sensitivity and reliability of applied NDI method.
A Predictive model for maximum interstory drift ratio (MIDR) and its implementation in probability-based design and performance assessment procedures g
Eroğlu Azak, Tuba; Akkar, Sinan; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Estimating nonlinear deformation demands is important for the implementation of rational seismic design and assessment methodologies to ensure the safe and reliable response of existing and new buildings against seismic action. The nonlinear deformation demand estimations should consider the variability inground motions as well as the uncertainties involved in structural response. This study presents probability-based seismic design and assessment procedures for code-confirming low- and mid-rise reinforced ...
A detailed analysis for evaluation of the degradation characteristics of simple structural systems
Kurtman, Burak; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Department of Civil Engineering (2007)
Deterioration in the mechanical properties of concrete, masonry and steel structures are usually observed under repeated cyclic loading in the inelastic response range. Therefore such a behavior becomes critical when these types of structures are subjected to ground motions with specific characteristics. The objective of this study is to address the influence of degrading behavior on simple systems. The Structural Performance Database on the PEER web site, which contains the results of cyclic, lateral-load ...
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