Discussion on evidence from the Gediz Graben for episodic two-stage extension in western Turkey - Reply

Kocyigit, A
Yusufoglu, H
Bozkurt, Erdin


Analysis of The Planning Education in the Light of the Contemporary Trends in Planning
Husar, Husar, Milan; Varis, Sila Ceren; Ondrejicka, Vladimir (IOP Publishing; 2017-12)
This paper examines the way the planning education is taught and examines the recent trends in the curricula of planning education institutions. The introduction of changing economic systems and planning in the field of education is discussed against these changes. Additionally, the evolution in the planner's role and how it affects the planning education is discussed. The paper is addressing trends and challenges the countries and their planning changes are facing in 21st century. The trends such as increa...
Discussion on "Development of a new in-situ direct shear test" by H. Matsuoka, S. Liu, D. Sun, and U. Nishikata
Mirata, T (2002-09-01)
Current Issues in Pronunciation Teaching
Taşer, Duygu (null; 2019-09-30)
Pronunciation teaching has been a neglected area in the English language teaching profession for some time. In the literature, it has been commonly referred to as “the Cinderella area of foreign language teaching (Kelly, 1969) and “the neglected orphan of second language acquisition studies” (Deng, Holby, Howden-Weaver, Nessim, Nicholas Nickle, Pannekoek, Stephan, & Sun, 2009). The main reason for this is that language teachers are not given clear guidelines about what to teach and how to teach, so most...
Strengthening of reinforced concrete frames by using steel bracings
Ağar, Mehmet; Polat, Mustafa Uğur; Department of Civil Engineering (2008)
Structures in high seismic risk areas may be susceptible to severe damage in a major earthquake. Structures designed to meet older code requirements may be at even greater risk. When these structures are evaluated with respect to current code criteria, it is observed that they lack of lateral strength and/or ductility. Since safety and economic considerations are major problems, these structures become viable candidates for retrofit and seismic strengthening. For the variety of structures and possible defic...
Morphology, anatomy and systematics of the genus Lathyrus l. (Legumınosae) in Central Anatolia, Turkey
Çildir, Hüseyin; Doğan, Musa; Department of Biology (2011)
In this study, morphology, anatomy and systematics of the Genus Lathyrus L. (Leguminosae) in Central Anatolia is presented. Comparative morphological characters and their variation in the Genus; Calyx, leaf, corolla and pollen grains micro-morphology of the species; Anatomy of the species; Ecology, endemism, phytogeography and IUCN threat categories of the species; Numerical analysis and Revision of the genus in Central Anatolia were conducted. For the first time the calyx, corolla and leaf micromorphology,...
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A. Kocyigit, H. Yusufoglu, and E. Bozkurt, “Discussion on evidence from the Gediz Graben for episodic two-stage extension in western Turkey - Reply,” JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, pp. 1240–1242, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/54797.