Variability in Locomotor Dynamics Reveals the Critical Role of Feedback in Task Control

Uyanik, I
Sefati, S.
Stamper, S. A.
Cho, K.
Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert
Fortune, E. S.
Cowan, N. J.


The existence of other egos and the philosophy of moral sentiments
Turan, H (2004-08-17)
Discordance between ventral colour and mtDNA haplotype in the water frog Rana (ridibunda) caralitana, 1988 Arikan
Akın, Cigdem; Bilgin, Metin; Bilgin, Cemal Can (Brill, 2010-01-01)
The water frog form caralitana was first described as a subspecies of Rana ridibunda by Arikan (1988) from southwestern Turkey. Its orange ventral colour has been used as a diagnostic character since its description. After testing for a correlation between body size and ventral colour, we compared mtDNA and venter colour of adult specimens from 27 localities to assess the validity of this character for systematics of Anatolian water frogs. We mapped the distribution of each category and tested whether there...
Development of an Interactive Web-Based Diabetes Self-Management and Social Networking Tool
Stuckey, Heather; Mincemoyer, Scott; Kaplan, Göknur; Smith, Brian; Gabbay, Robert (2010-06-01)
Phylogenetic and phylogeographic resolution of Botrylloides leachii (Savigny, 1816) in Northeastern Mediterranean
Temiz, B.; Ozturk, E.; Karahan, Arzu (2020-01-01)
Whole genome sequencing and gene editing via silencing RNA in some botryllid ascidians
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