The existence of other egos and the philosophy of moral sentiments

Turan, H


An analysis of the moral development of George Eliot's characters in Middlemarch according to Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moralization
Çetinkaya, Göksev; Çileli, Fatma Meral; Department of Foreign Language Education (2003)
This study analyzes the moral development of George Eliot's characters in her novel Middlemarch according to Lawrence Kohlberg's theory called "The Cognitive-Developmental Theory of Moralization". Eliot's moral view is characterized by man's relation with other men, not man's relation with God. As long as the individuals treat others with sympathy and understanding, they can develop morally. Eliot's aim is to contribute to the creation of a happier society by presenting the harms of egoism. According to Koh...
Variability in Locomotor Dynamics Reveals the Critical Role of Feedback in Task Control
Uyanik, I; Sefati, S.; Stamper, S. A.; Cho, K.; Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert; Fortune, E. S.; Cowan, N. J. (2020-03-01)
Development of an Interactive Web-Based Diabetes Self-Management and Social Networking Tool
Stuckey, Heather; Mincemoyer, Scott; Kaplan, Göknur; Smith, Brian; Gabbay, Robert (2010-06-01)
A Study on portal composition and its contribution to façade design in Anatolian Seljuk buldings
Caner, Çağla; Bakırer, Ömür; Department of Architecture (2002)
The forms, articulation and compositions of the facades of the monumental buildings displayed a recognizable character during the era of the Anatolian Seljuks in Asia Minor. Even though no two facades appear to be the same with their constitutive elements and with the articulation in their compositions, they seem to attain remarkable similarities. Within the general formulation of the facade compositions, the gateways namely the portals (taçkapı) come forth to reflect the architectural facade concepts of th...
The problem of multiculturalism in Turkey within the context of European integration
Güleç, Aslı; Ertuğrul, Kürşad; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2003)
Starting from the 1970̕s, as a result of influx of immigration and of rise of ethno- cultural conflicts the issue of multiculturalism has come to become one of the significant themes of contemporary politics. In this respect, new policies have been developed in order to manage this increasing ethnic and cultural diversity. In this study it is aimed to get a critical perspective for the analysis of the question of multiculturalism in Turkey with reference to Turkey-EU relationships. As is widely accepted, th...
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