Heterogeneity in aquatic sediments: ID representations of a 3D environment

Meile, C
Berg, P
Van Cappellen, P
Tuncay, Kağan


Heterogeneous Sensor Data Fusion for Target Classification Using Adaptive Distance Function
Atıcı, Bengü; Karasakal, Esra; Karasakal, Orhan (Springer, London/Berlin , 2021-04-01)
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) systems are used as decisionsupport systems to classify the potential targets in military applications. Thesesystems are composed of four phases, which are selection of sensors, preprocessingof radar data, feature extraction and selection, and processing of features toclassify potential targets. In this study, the classification phase of an ATR systemhaving heterogeneous sensors is considered. We propose novel multiple criteriaclassification methods based on the modified D...
Heterojunction Silicon Solar Cells Incorporating Unpatterned MoOx and LiFx/Al on Wet-Chemically Processed Silicon Surfaces
Yerci, Selçuk (2020-09-11)
Heterogeneous sono-Fenton-like process using martite nanocatalyst prepared by high energy planetary ball milling for treatment of a textile dye
Dindarsafa, Mahsa; Khataee, Alireza; Kaymak, Barış; Vahid, Behrouz; Karimi, Atefeh; Rahmani, Amir (2017-01-01)
High energy planetary ball milling was applied to prepare sono-Fenton nanocatalyst from natural martite (NM). The NM samples were milled for 2-6 hat the speed of 320 rpm for production of various ball milled martite (BMM) samples. The catalytic performance of the BMMs was greater than the NM for treatment of Acid Blue 92 (AB92) in heterogeneous Sono: Fenton-like process. The NM and the BMM samples were characterized by XRD, FT-IR, SEM, EDX and BET analyses. The particle size distribution of the 6 h-milled m...
Heterogeneous DEVS simulations with connectors and reo based compositions [Work in Progress]
Kara, Ahmet; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Nedim Alpdemir, M. (2014-01-01)
Composition of DEVS models in heterogenous environments requires resolutions for manifold incompatibilities including data type and time resolution mismatch. This paper proposes a solution for implementing DEVS simulations in heterogenous environments with the help of connectors in the sense of component based software engineering. Our solution involves implementing connectors as atomic models to be used in mediation of data type and time resolution mismatches. Employing atomic models as connectors allows c...
Heterodoped Nanoparticles as Dual-Mode Contrast Agent for MRI
Alipour, Akbar; Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Soran-Erdem, Zeliha; Keleştemur, Yusuf; Aykut, Zaliha Gamze; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (2017-01-01)
The purpose of this work is to synthesize Mn-Fe heterodoped ZnSe tetrapod nanocrystals (NCs) as dual-mode MRI contrast agent to offer synergetic beneficial over the single contrast tracer. Also, in vivo feasibility of the Mn-Fe heterodoped ZnSe tetrapod NCs as a dual-mode contrast agent has been studied.
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C. Meile, P. Berg, P. Van Cappellen, and K. Tuncay, “Heterogeneity in aquatic sediments: ID representations of a 3D environment,” 2005, vol. 69, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/55328.