Iterative Decision Feedback Equalization and Decoding for Rotated Multidimensional Constellations in Block Fading Channels

It is known that rotated multidimensional constellations can be used effectively to achieve full-rate and full-diversity transmission in block fading channels. However, optimal decoding complexity is exponential with the number of fading blocks (or degrees of freedom). In this paper, we propose a reduced-complexity iterative receiver structure operating on a block basis for coded modulation schemes with rotated constellations. The proposed detector is based on iterative forward and backward filtering followed by a channel decoder that uses a priori log-likelihood ratios (LLR) of coded symbols. Forward and feedback filters are jointly optimized according to the minimum mean square error (MMSE) criterion to minimize the spatial interference induced by rotation. It is observed that the proposed structure achieves full diversity and performance close to outage probability for rotated inputs even with simple Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) rotations.


Nonlinear mode coupling and sheared flow in a rotating plasma
Uzun Kaymak, İlker Ümit; Choi, S.; Clary, M. R.; Ellis, R. F.; Hassam, A. B.; Teodorescu, C. (IOP Publishing, 2009-01-01)
Shear flow is expected to stabilize the broad spectrum of interchange modes in rotating plasmas. However, residual fluctuations may still persist. To investigate the presence of such fluctuations, sixteen magnetic pickup coils equally spaced on a crown have been mounted inside the vacuum vessel, at the edge of a rotating plasma in mirror configuration. A comprehensive analysis of the magnetic fluctuations shows that very low spatial mode numbers survive under the imposed shear flow. Nevertheless, temporal F...
Theoretical investigation and design of wideband dielectric resonator antennas
Yüksel, Yılmaz Çağrı; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2015)
The aim of this thesis is to utilize Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRA) as array elements due to their advantages over other conventional antenna elements such as dipoles and microstrip patches. Depending on both the excitation mechanisms and the antenna shape, a Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) provides its designer multiple independent degrees of freedom. In this thesis three antenna shapes, namely hemispherical, cylindrical and rectangular DRAs, are investigated. The cylindrical and the rectangular sh...
Computational image formation with photon sieves for milli arcsecond solar imaging
Öktem, Sevinç Figen; Davila, Joseph (null; 2016-07-30)
A photon sieve is a modification of a Fresnel zone plate in which open zones are replaced by a large number of circular holes. This diffractive imaging element is specially suited to observations at UV and x-ray wavelengths where refractive lenses are not available due to strong absorption of materials, and reflective mirrors are difficult to manufacture with sufficient surface figure accuracy to achieve diffraction-limited resolution. On the other hand, photon sieves enable diffraction-limited imaging with...
Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Scattering from Periodic Structures by Transformation Electromagnetics
ÖZGÜN, ÖZLEM; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa (2016-09-22)
The transformation electromagnetics is applied to the modeling of electromagnetic scattering from periodic structures in conjunction with the finite element method with periodic boundary conditions. In a unit cell of periodic structure, a uniform mesh is used over a flat surface and the arbitrary periodic surface is modeled by a coordinate transformation. The major advantage of this approach is that arbitrary geometries can be handled by using a single and simple mesh. Therefore, repeated computations (such...
Design of selective linear phase cross-coupled dielectric resonator filters
Öztürk, Onur Ozan; Dural Ünver, Mevlüde Gülbin; Yıldırım, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
In this work, a selective linear phase filter is designed in cross-coupled form using dielectric resonators in Ku band to be used as a channel filter in IMUX of a satellite receiver. Extreme delay flatness is required: 1.5ns delay ripple over 60 % of the passband and symmetric cross-coupled filter with all ideal inverter couplings realizing four finite transmission zeros (FTZ) satisfying also the delay flatness requirements. Design is carried out on the software program FILPRO, then optimized in ADSTM and t...
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