Satellite linked sensor networks for planetary scale monitoring

AKSOY, Demet
Aksoy, Ayşegül
Sensor networks continue to attract significant interest in various research communities. An individual sensor system can provide important observations within a local area. However, local observations alone are not sufficient for some applications that require a global coverage. In this paper we introduce our interdisciplinary project PLASMA (PLAnetary Scale Monitoring Architecture). PLASMA aims at providing an integrated platform for in-situ and remote sensing. Our focuses include environmental monitoring, disaster monitoring, and emergency response systems enabled by reliable and high performance networking, infrastructures. This paper discusses motivating applications and the research challenges of our project in its early stages.


Lifetime analysis for wireless sensor networks
Öğünlü, Bilal; Bazlamaçcı, Cüneyt Fehmi; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
Sensor technologies are vital today in gathering information about certain environments and wireless sensor networks are getting more widespread use everyday. These networks are characterized by a number of sensor nodes deployed in the field for the observation of some phenomena. Due to the limited battery capacity in sensor nodes, energy efficiency is a major and challenging problem in such power-constrained networks. Some of the network design parameters have a direct impact on the network̕s lifetime. The...
UAV-Driven Sustainable and Quality-Aware Data Collection in Robotic Wireless Sensor Networks
Gül, Ömer Melih; Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref; Kantarci, Burak (2022-01-01)
Energy-aware data collection is of paramount importance for robotic and wireless sensor networks. Although static sink-aided cluster-based protocols provide energy-efficient solutions, UAV-aided approaches can be considered as better alternatives to reduce energy consumption while data acquisition compared with static sinks. Most of the existing UAV-driven solutions have not considered a limit on battery capacity of the UAV, which needs to be considered in a practical manner. This paper investigates energy-...
Interface circuit development and validation for hybrid piezoelectric-thermoelectric energy harvesters
Külah, Haluk(2016-12-31)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are critical components of sustainable operations in every major industry. First stage of the WSN in the figure can potentially be fully supported by renewable energy sources. Use of non-traditional ambient energy sources such as low frequency vibrations and temperature differences in the environment in a set of emerging embedded and smart applications, some of which designated in recent Horizon 2020 documents.Our group, which consists of members of MEMS Center at METU Ankar...
Energy-efficient routing to maximize network lifetime in wireless sensor networks
Zengin, Aslı; Uysal Bıyıkoğlu, Elif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
With various new alternatives of low-cost sensor devices, there is a strong demand for large scale wireless sensor networks (WSN). Energy efficiency in routing is crucial for achieving the desired levels of longevity in these networks. Existing routing algorithms that do not combine information on transmission energies on links, residual energies at nodes, and the identity of data itself, cannot reach network capacity. A proof-of-concept routing algorithm that combines data aggregation with the minimum-weig...
Real-time intrusion detection and prevention system for SDN-based IoT networks
Sarıça, Alper Kaan; Angın, Pelin; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-9)
The significant advances in wireless networks with the 5G networks have made possible a variety of new IoT use cases. 5G and beyond networks will significantly rely on network virtualization technologies such as SDN and NFV. The prevalence of IoT and the large attack surface it has created calls for SDN-based intelligent security solutions that achieve real-time, automated intrusion detection and mitigation. In this thesis, we propose a real-time intrusion detection and mitigation system for SDN, which aims...
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