Conversion of a conventional general purpose lathe to A.C.N.C lathe.

Bumin, Feyhan F


Conversion of transmission lines from Conventional to bundled operation.
Cultu, Mehmet; Department of Electrical Engineering (1966)
Modification of a household microwave oven for continuous temperature and weight measurements during drying of foods
Okmen, Z; Bayındırlı, Alev (Informa UK Limited, 2000-01-01)
The main objective of this study was to modify a conventional household microwave oven for recording temperature and weight measurements continuously during microwave drying of foods.
Adaption of a dual caruretor system to an automotive SI engine and its performance analysis with different methanol-gasoline mixtures.
Buğdacıoğlu, Cenk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1979)
Integration of Offshore Wind Farm Plants to the Power Grid using an HVDC line Transmission
Berkani, Abderrahmane; Pourkeivannour, Siamak; Negadi, Karim; Boumediene, Bachir; Allaoui, Tayeb; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2019-01-01)
This paper investigates an integration of Offshore Wind Farm Plants with Power Grid Based on an HVDC line Interconnection. Large offshore wind farms are installed in the North Sea area using modern multi-megawatt wind turbines. The Voltage source converter - high voltage direct current VSC-HVDC is a suitable means of integrating such large and distant offshore Wind Power Plants (WPP) which need long submarine cable transmission to the onshore grid. The offshore network then becomes very different from the c...
Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to nanofiber by microfluidization and its effect on the enzymatic hydrolysis
Yavaş, Sinem; Ögel, Zümrüt Begüm; Mert, Behiç; Department of Food Engineering (2010)
Lignocellulosic biomass is under extensive investigation as a bioethanol and bio-based materials feedstock. However, the complex structural and chemical mechanisms of lignocellulosic plant, which cause resistance to deconstruction during saccharification, require a pretreatment process. In this study, raw materials (corn bran, wheat bran and wheat straw) were selected because of their production and consumption in Turkey and also their accessibilities to be used as bioethanol source. Microfluidization pretr...
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F. F. Bumin, “Conversion of a conventional general purpose lathe to A.C.N.C lathe.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.