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A Non-iterative Domain Decomposition Method for Finite Element Analysis of 3D Electromagnetic Scattering Problems

Ozgun, Ozlem
Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa
In this paper, we generalize this algorithm to 3D scattering problems, and we demonstrate that the algorithm is actually non-iterative in problems involving smooth convex geometries (such as sphere, cube, missile, cone, plate, etc.) and some special geometries (such as inlet). The most distinguished feature of the algorithm is the utilization of the locally-conformal perfectly matched layer (PML) method along the boundaries of the subdomains. In this algorithm, the original computational domain is partitioned into some number of overlapping subdomains, and then the problem in each subdomain is solved only once by appropriately defined PML regions attached to each subdomain. We demonstrate the performance of the algorithm in some 3D scattering problems.