Template-free synthesis of ZSM-5 type zeolite layers on porous alumina disks

ZSM-5 crystals were synthesized from template-free batches oil macroporons alpha-alumina (risks. The SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of the synthesis gel influenced the crystal morphology, surface coverage and intergrowth among the crystals. Prismatic ZSM-5 crystals covered the disk surface when the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of the batch was higher than too, whereas spherical polycrystalline particles of ZSM-5 were obtained from batches with a SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of 80. Mordenite type zeolite was formed on the disk surface due to the incorporation of alumina dissolved from the disk when the time of crystallization was extended. The effects of silica source and seeding of the support surface with 0.3 and 2 mu m ZSM-5 crystals on the morphology of seolite layer were also investigated. The purity, surface coverage and SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of ZSM-5 crystals increased in the order of silica sol containing methanol, silica sol, and silicic acid. Seeding decreased the length of prismatic ZSM-5 crystals from 45 mu m 10 mu m and increased the surface coverage.


Sol-gel synthesis of antibacterial silver-doped silica powders from sodium silicate (water glass)
Tufan, Evrim Özdem; Durucan, Caner; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2013)
Sol-gel processing routes for the synthesis of antibacterial silver-doped silica (Ag-SiO2) powders from an inorganic precursor, sodium silicate (Na2SiO3, water glass), have been established. For the synthesis of SiO2 powders, two different processing approaches were used. In the first one (indirect synthesis), silver ions were incorporated into the immature wet silica gels obtained from sodium silicate by the exposure of the silica gels to aqueous silver nitrate (AgNO3) solutions. In the second one, silver ...
Catalytic conversion of methane to methanol on Cu-SSZ-13 using N2O as oxidant
İpek Torun, Bahar (2016-01-01)
Direct catalytic methanol production from methane is achieved on Cu-SSZ-13 zeolite catalysts using N2O as the oxidant. The methanol production rate on Cu-SSZ-13 (on a per gram basis) was more than twice the rate on Cu-mordenite and more than four times the rate on Cu-ZSM-5.
Direct hydrothermal synthesis of palladium-incorporated silicate-structured mesoporous catalysts
Sener, Canan; Doğu, Timur; Dogu, Guelsen (2007-01-01)
Pd-Si-structured novel mesoporous nanocomposite catalytic materials, having quite high Pd/Si ratios, were synthesized by an acidic direct hydrothermal synthesis route. The nanocomposite catalytic materials were then characterized by XRD, XPS, EDS, nitrogen adsorption, and SEM techniques. Unlike MCM-41, the XRD patterns indicated a rather wide d((100)) band at a 2 theta value of about 1.9. The materials, with very high Pd/Si wt ratios between 1.43 and 2.66, were synthesized and had BJH surface area values be...
Pozzolanic activity of clinoptilolite: A comparative study with silica fume, fly ash and a non-zeolitic natural pozzolan
Uzal, B.; TURANLI, LUTFULLAH; Yücel, Hayrettin; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Culfaz, A. (2010-03-01)
Pozzolanic activity of clinoptilolite, the most common natural zeolite mineral, was studied in comparison to silica fume, fly ash and a non-zeolitic natural pozzolan. Chemical, mineralogical and physical characterizations of the materials were considered in comparative evaluations. Pozzolanic activity of the natural zeolite was evaluated with various test methods including electrical conductivity of lime-pozzolan suspensions; and free lime content, compressive strength and pore size distribution of hardened...
Speciation and preconcentration of inorganic tellurium from waters using a mercaptosilica microcolumn and determination by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry
Korez, A; Eroglu, AE; Volkan, Mürvet; Ataman, Osman Yavuz (2000-12-01)
A separation-preconcentration method utilising a mercapto-modified silica microcolumn was developed for the determination of trace amounts of Te(rv) and Te(VI) in waters by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry. Bottled drinking water, tap water and sea-water samples were spiked with sub-ng ml(-1) concentrations of Te(IV) and the spiked solutions were subjected to the mercapto-modified silica microcolumn separation and enrichment procedure. The spike recovery values varied between 86 and 114%. I...
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