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An integrated thermopile structure with high responsivity using any standard CMOS process

Olgun, Z
Akar, O
Külah, Haluk
Akin, T
This paper reports a new thermopile structure using n-poly/p(+)-active layers that are available in any CMOS technology. The thermopile structures are obtained by post-etching of the fabricated and bonded chips. P+-active layers are placed in n-well regions, which are protected from etching by electrochemical etch-stop technique in a TMAH solution. The characterization results show that Seebeck coefficients of the n-poly and p(+)-active layers are -335 mu V/K and 450 mu V/K, respectively. Tests show that a cantilever type thermopile with 21 thermocouples will result in responsivity and detectivity of 43 V/W and 1.06 x 10(7) (cm.root Hz)/W, respectively, when n-well is present and 617 V/W and 1.5x10(8) (cm.root Hz)/W, respectively, when n-well is removed.