Longitudinal Associations Between Provision of Autonomy Support and Well-Being in Spouses of Individuals With Chronic Pain

Ascigil, Esra
Uysal, Ahmet
Cosar, Sacide Nur Saracgil
Background Caregiving spouses of individuals with chronic pain often experience poor well-being.


Spousal autonomy support, need satisfaction, and well-being in individuals with chronic pain: A longitudinal study
Uysal, Ahmet; ASCIGIL, Esra; TURUNC, Gamze (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-04-01)
The present research examined the effect of spousal autonomy support on the need satisfaction and well-being of individuals with chronic pain. Married individuals with a diagnosed musculoskeletal chronic pain condition (N = 109) completed a baseline questionnaire and a follow-up questionnaire after a 6-month time period. Cross-lagged analyses indicated that spousal autonomy support predicted increases in basic need satisfaction, and need satisfaction predicted increases in well-being. Moreover, the analyses...
How do women experience fibromyalgia in family context?
Yoğan, Felek; Bozo Özen, Özlem; Department of Psychology (2017)
The present study aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of how women experience fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) in the family context. There were two main research questions in the study; (1) how do married female fibromyalgia patients with child(ren) experience pain, and (2) what is the association between these patients’ pain experience and their family relationships? To answer these research questions, semi-structured interviews were conducted with six married women with children that were officially diagn...
Social support perceptions of Turkish people with schizophrenia: What helps and what doesn't help
Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Gök, Ali Can; Borhan, Nilsu (2017-11-01)
Background: Social support is an important facilitator of the quality of life for people with schizophrenia. This study examines what is perceived as helpful and unhelpful support from the members of the natural social networks by 32 Turkish people with schizophrenia.
Parallel changes in serum proteins and diffusion tensor imaging in methamphetamine-associated psychosis
Breen, Michael S.; Uhlmann, Anne; Özcan Kabasakal, Süreyya; Chan, Man; Pinto, Dalila; Bahn, Sabine; Stein, Dan J. (2017-03-02)
Methamphetamine-associated psychosis (MAP) involves widespread neurocognitive and molecular deficits, however accurate diagnosis remains challenging. Integrating relationships between biological markers, brain imaging and clinical parameters may provide an improved mechanistic understanding of MAP, that could in turn drive the development of better diagnostics and treatment approaches. We applied selected reaction monitoring (SRM)-based proteomics, profiling 43 proteins in serum previously implicated in the...
Perceived social support as a moderator of the relationship between caregiver well-being indicators and psychological symptoms
Demirtepe-Saygili, Dilek; Bozo Özen, Özlem (SAGE Publications, 2011-10-01)
The present study examined the moderating role of perceived social support in caregiver well-being indicators - psychological symptoms relationship. The data obtained from 100 caregivers of children with leukaemia revealed that the caregivers who were more able to satisfy their basic needs, and perform their daily activities, reported lower levels of psychological symptoms if they perceived higher levels of social support. However, perceived social support did not alleviate the level of psychological sympto...
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E. Ascigil, A. Uysal, and S. N. S. Cosar, “Longitudinal Associations Between Provision of Autonomy Support and Well-Being in Spouses of Individuals With Chronic Pain,” ANNALS OF BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE, pp. 372–382, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/56112.