Computer-aided design of brakes and clutches.

Şahin, İ. Çağlar


Computer-aided design of shafts and selection of antifriction bearings.
Arıkan, M. A. S.; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1981)
Computer-aided design of lathe spindles
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Computer-aided design of horizontal-axis wind turbine blades
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Designing horizontal-axis wind turbine (HAWT) blades to achieve satisfactory levels of performance starts with knowledge of the aerodynamic forces acting on the blades. In this thesis, HAWT blade design is studied from the aspect of aerodynamic view and the basic principles of the aerodynamic behaviors of HAWTs are investigated. Blade-element momentum theory (BEM) known as also strip theory, which is the current mainstay of aerodynamic design and analysis of HAWT blades, is used for HAWT blade design in thi...
Computer-aided design and construction of integrated UHF transistor amplifiers.
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Computer analysis of circular cylindrical barrel shells.
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İ. Ç. Şahin, “Computer-aided design of brakes and clutches.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.