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Using feature films in language classes

Seferoğlu, Gölge
This study aimed at finding students' perspectives on integrating feature films on digital versatile discs (DVDs) in oral communication classes of advanced English as foreign language (EFL) learners. A total of 29 students being trained as teachers of English participated in the study. Data were collected through a survey questionnaire. All participants unanimously agreed that through films they had the opportunity to learn about how people initiate and sustain a conversational exchange, and how they negotiate meaning; types of exclamation and filling expressions; colloquial English in real-life contexts, and non-verbal communication. Participants also acknowledged that viewing feature films exposed them not only to a wide range of native speakers, each with their own slang, accents and dialects, but also to a wealth of contextualised vocabulary expressions and authentic cross-cultural information. The study suggests that it is possible to exploit feature films in foreign language classes with a wide array of pedagogical options.