Effect of fly ash on swell behaviour of a very highly plastic clay

Süt-Ünver, I.
Lav, Musaffa Ayşen
Çokça, Erdal
Swellingofexpansivesoilscausesexcessivelreave.Resultingexpansion can leacl to cıınsiclerable distress to pavements and/or lightweightstnıctures whrclr are settlecl on tbat kincl of subsoils. Several methtıds can [.ıeapplieil to control the swelling ploblem. one cıf the ınost ct)ınıı]onlv usedmethocl is the addition of stabilizing agents, such as lime or fly ash tr,ı theexpansivesoil.Soilsamplesthatareveryhighlyplastichırvebeentır]cenfi.oırrclayciepositsofAnkarainT..rkeyinthisstucly.Bothdisturbeclandunci-isturbed,p""i..n.havebeenobtaineclinordertoperformlaboratorytests.Flyashhasbeen used as the chemical stabilizer. Firstly, reference tests have beeıi carriedout on natural soil samples. Then the clay is mixed with fly ash at clifferentpercentages of clry weight of the soil ancl the engıneering propeıties of thestabilizecl soil samples have been cleteImined. Inclex properties aırcl swelliııgchalactedstics of the soil sanıples have been founcl. Results are evalı.ıatecl anclthechangesinthesepropertiesespeciallywithregarcltoswellpotential.havcbeen interpreterl in this paper. optimum va]rıes have been cletermined for swellpotential.Thecorrelationsbetweentheindexproperties,thesrvellpercentageand the swell pressure aıe presented,
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I. Süt-Ünver, M. A. Lav, and E. Çokça, “Effect of fly ash on swell behaviour of a very highly plastic clay,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/56614.