Effect of Fly Ash on Swell Behaviour of a Very Highly Plastic Clay

Çokça, Erdal
Süt Ünver, İnci
Lav, Musaffa Ayşen
Swelling of expansive soils causes excessive heave. Resulting expansion can lead to considerable distress to pavements and/or lightweight structures which are settled on that kind of subsoils. Several methods can be applied to control the swelling problem. One of the most commonly used method is the addition of stabilizing agents, such as lime or fly ash to the expansive soil. Soil samples that are very highly plastic have been taken from clay deposits of Ankara in Turkey in this study. Both disturbed and undisturbed specimens have been obtained in order to perform laboratory tests. Fly ash has been used as the chemical stabilizer. Firstly, reference tests have been carried out on natural soil samples. Then the clay is mixed with fly ash at different percentages of dry weight of the soil and the engineering properties of the stabilized soil samples have been determined. Index properties and swelling characteristics of the soil samples have been found. Results are evaluated and the changes in these properties especially with regard to swell potential, have been interpreted in this paper. Optimum values have been determined for swell potential. The correlations between the index properties, the swell percentage and the swell pressure are presented.
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E. Çokça, İ. Süt Ünver, and M. A. Lav, “Effect of Fly Ash on Swell Behaviour of a Very Highly Plastic Clay,” 2018, vol. 1, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/39652.