Computer science and engineering

Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm
Vasant, Pandian
Marmolejo Saucedo, Jose Antonio
During previous decades, modern approaches to Operational Research (OR), Computation and Optimization have attracted a growing number of scientists, pedagogues, advisors, deciders and practitioners. Actually, very strong and smart ("intelligent") computational techniques arose for handling a very large number of real-world challenges and crises, in particular, in relation with the main areas of optimization in theory and practical use. Those real problems are characterized by their tremendous non-convexity and complexity, In the communities of OR, Analytics and Computation worldwide, researchers and investigators from different fields, spectra, continents and regions have cooperated to find smart answers for those striking and urgent difficulties. Within that scientific global family, there are scholars from IFORS, its regional groupings and, inside of them, national OR societies and working groups. High increase of human population, feeling of being lonely or lost, problems with the fast process of "globalization", related "losses" everywhere on the globe, illness, societal conflicts and wars, prove that the "Human Factor" ought to be considered and taken into account much more than in past eras by researchers, educators, leaders, engineers, officials, and also medical doctors, advisers and trainers. Important representations and incorporations of the "Human Factor" through Intelligence, Humanity and Humility should be hosted to a rising degree in the areas of OR, Analytics and Computation. (C) 2018 Published by Elsevier B.V.


Approximate analysis and condition assesment of reinforced concrete t-beam bridges using artificial neural networks
Dumlupınar, Taha; Hasançebi, Oğuzhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2008)
In recent years, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been employed for estimation and prediction purposes in many areas of civil/structural engineering. In this thesis, multilayered feedforward backpropagation algorithm is used for the approximate analysis and calibration of RC T-beam bridges and modeling of bridge ratings of these bridges. Currently bridges are analyzed using a standard FEM program. However, when a large population of bridges is concerned, such as the one considered in this project (Pen...
Computational paradigm shift: a historicization of recent developments in social sciences
Ak, Onurhan; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Sociology (2019)
The use of big data and computational methodologies in social sciences have been getting attention and these changes in methodologies have been declared a "paradigm shift" in the contemporary literature. Motivated by such claims, this thesis discusses Computational Social Science by referring to Kuhnian theory of scientific revolutions and emphasizes the emergence of social big data in the former’s rise. Later, a historicization and contextualization of social big data is provided by employing conceptual to...
Multiresolution analysis of S&P500 time series
KILIC, Deniz Kenan; Uğur, Ömür (2018-01-01)
Time series analysis is an essential research area for those who are dealing with scientific and engineering problems. The main objective, in general, is to understand the underlying characteristics of selected time series by using the time as well as the frequency domain analysis. Then one can make a prediction for desired system to forecast ahead from the past observations. Time series modeling, frequency domain and some other descriptive statistical data analyses are the primary subjects of this study: i...
Stochastic simulation of large biochemical systems by approximate Gillespie algorithm
Purutçuoğlu Gazi, Vilda (IEEE; 2010-06-01)
In recent years the fast innovations for the development of new methods and algorithms in system biology enable the biologists to analyze and interpret the complex biochemical structures. One of the speedy development has been seen in mathematical methods for generating these complex systems on the computer. These techniques help the researcher to ask biologically interesting questions and test their expectations before starting their biological experiments. There are a number of methods which can approxima...
Data analysis experiences: self-produced vs. Alien Data
Sevinç, Şerife (2017-01-14)
Data analysis is one of the core phases of qualitative research. This presentation aimed to share data analysis experiences of a team of researchers in a mathematics education study using three- tiered modeling research as a methodologic orientation. This study had three tiers: Tier 1-Pre-service mathematics teachers, Tier 2- A team of researchers, and Tier 3-Principal researcher. The team of researchers in Tier 2 composed of four researchers having different interests and teaching experiences as well as di...
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