Experimental study of wave characteristics on a thin layer of de/anti-icing fluid

Özgen, Serkan
Sarma, GSR
Several series of experiments were conducted in order to investigate wave formation and wave characteristics on a thin layer of de/anti-icing fluid using a nonintrusive technique. The configuration consists of a thin layer of de/anti-icing fluid deposited on the lower wall of the wind tunnel section, sheared by a turbulent airflow. Beyond a critical value of the wind speed, two-dimensional surface waves could be observed. The characteristics of these waves like the wavelength and the wave speed could be measured using the light absorption technique. The main purpose of the study is to augment the already existing experimental data for wave characteristics of Newtonian liquid layers in the literature. The non-Newtonian character and the high viscosities of the fluids used render these experiments and their results original. The results obtained from the experiments have been compared with the results of an already existing code utilizing linear stability theory and the agreement was seen to be very good provided that the liquid film is not too thin. (C) 2002 American Institute of Physics.


Experimental investigation of boundary layer separation control using steady vortex generator jets on low pressure turbines
Doğan, Eda; Uzol, Oğuz; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2012)
This thesis presents the results of an experimental study that investigates the effects of steady vortex generator jets (VGJs) integrated to a low pressure turbine blade to control the laminar separation bubble occurring on the suction surface of the blade at low Reynolds numbers. The injection technique involves jets issued from the holes located near the suction peak of the test blade which is in the middle of a five-blade low speed linear cascade facility. Three injection cases are tested with different ...
Experimental and numerical investigation of a counter-rotating boundary layer ingesting propulsion system
Bilyaz, İbrahim Soner; Başkan Perçin, Özge; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2023-1-23)
This study investigates the performance of a boundary layer ingesting (BLI) propulsion system with a counter-rotating propulsor numerically and experimentally. The main benefit driver for a BLI propulsion system is that the propulsor ingests the boundary layer of the aircraft's fuselage, which is slower than the free stream velocity and consumes less power to generate the required thrust. The power-saving coefficient (PSC), the amount of power saved to obtain the same net streamwise force compared to the tr...
Study on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Sequentially Deposited Ag-Ga-In-Te Thin Films
Coskun, EMRE; Gullu, H. H.; Parlak, Mehmet; Ercelebi, C. (2015-02-01)
The structural properties and electrical conduction mechanisms of Ag-Ga-In-Te thin films deposited by a combination of e-beam and thermal evaporation methods were studied for various annealing temperatures. Structural analysis showed the existence of InTe and InTe binary phases at the early stage of crystallization and monophase of AgGaInTe with the main orientation along (112) direction following the post-annealing at 400 C. The effects of the structural changes on electrical properties and temperature dep...
Experimental and numerical investigation of the energy harvesting flexible flag in the wake of a bluff body
Latif, Usman; Abdullah, Chaudary; Uddin, Emad; Younis, M. Yamin; Sajid, Muhamad; Shah, Samiur Rehman; Mubasha, Aamir (2018-05-01)
Inspired by the energy harvesting eel, a flexible flag behind a D-shape cylinder in a uniform viscous flow was simulated by using the immersed boundary method (IBM) along with low-speed wind tunnel experimentation. The flag in the wake of the cylinder was strongly influenced by the vortices shed from the upstream cylinder under the vortex-vortex and vortex-body interactions. Geometric and flow parameters were optimized for the flexible flag subjected to passive flapping. The influence of length and bending ...
Simulation of thermal, mechanical and optical behavior of yag ceramics with increasing Nd3+ concentration under lasing conditions.
Kenar, Necmettin; Öke, Gülay; Department of Physics (2007)
Two-dimensional thermal, mechanical and optical simulations are carried out to investigate the effect of Nd3+ concentration on thermal, mechanical and optical behavior of Nd:YAG ceramic laser materials under continuous wave laser operation. In the analyses, rods are pumped longitudinally with laser diodes, in three, six, nine and twelve fold structures. Rods having diameters of 3 and 6 mm are pumped with 808 nm and 885 nm sources separately having Nd+3 concentrations of 0.6, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 at. %. Total ab...
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S. Özgen and G. Sarma, “Experimental study of wave characteristics on a thin layer of de/anti-icing fluid,” PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, pp. 3391–3402, 2002, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/57378.