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Treatment of chlorinated organics in bleached Kraft mill effluents by activated sludge process

Ataberk, S
Gökçay, Celal Ferdi
Combined effluents from a bleached Kraft pulp mill using annual plants were treated in a lab-scale activated sludge (AS) system. The effects of operating solids retention time (SRT) and concentration of additional carbon source on AOX removal were investigated. Higher AOX removals (30%) were observed with long SRTs, 99% of which was pure metabolization. As SRT was decreased AOX removal efficiency also decreased (4%) and principal AOX removal mechanism changed to adsorption onto wasted biomass. The AOX removal efficiency was lower (10%) on a 20% decrease in the supplemental carbon source, with no apparent effect on the removal mechanism. (C) 1997 IAWQ. Published by Elsevier Science Ltd.