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Comparison of Fenitrothion and Trifluralin Adsorption on Organo-Zeolites and Activated Carbon. Part II: Thermodynamic Parameters and the Suitability of the Kinetic Models of Pesticide Adsorption

LÜLE ŞENÖZ, Güzide Meltem
Atalay, Mustafa Ümit
The suitability of two kinetic models and the thermodynamic parameters of pesticide adsorption were investigated based on obtained data of previous studies. Kinetic evaluation indicated that the pesticides adsorption on adsorbents followed the pseudo-second-order model. Gibbs free energy (Delta G degrees), enthalpy (Delta H degrees), and entropy (Delta S degrees) were calculated for thermodynamic parameters by using linearized Arrhenius equation. The results indicated that the sorption process of fenitrothion was exothermic and spontaneous in nature whereas sorption process of trifluralin was endothermic and spontaneous at all temperature. Low value of Delta H degrees obtained from experiments indicated that adsorption of both pesticides was likely due to physisorption.