Competing discourses of nationalisms and anti-Americanisms in Turkey: Iraq war as a case study

Çoban Oran, Filiz
Since the events of 9/11 in the USA, academic studies have questioned how the Islamic world perceives and imagines Americans and American foreign policy. In this context, Turkey comes into prominence among Muslim countries, with 90 percent of its population self- identifying as anti-American. This study argues that there are different versions of anti- Americanism in Turkey based on the power struggle of different discourses of Turkish nationalism. For a deeper understanding of why these anti-Americanisms exist, where they come from and how they relate to and challenge each other, it analyzes Turkish media representations of the USA’s war in Iraq by using a discourse-historical approach of Vienna School.


The Critique of liberal peace building in Iraq (2003-2011)
Sarı, Gamze; Torun, Zerrin; Department of International Relations (2019)
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Hybrid sovereignty in the Arab Middle East: the cases of Jordan, Iraq And Kuwait
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The depiction of the American image in post-war Turkey: americanization and anti-americanization in Turkish periodicals (1946-1950)
Yılmaz, Atakan; Gürsel, Bahar; Department of History (2021-8)
This study aims to reveal how the image of America was depicted in the early post-war (1946-1950) Turkish periodicals in terms of ideological and cultural contexts. The mainstream Turkish press became a vital legitimation tool to convince the public about the Turkish-American relations in the developing Cold War circumstances. In this context, the depiction of the United States and the Soviet Union with certain political and cultural stereotypes played an essential role in forming the Cold War perception in...
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