Competing discourses of nationalisms and anti-Americanisms in Turkey: Iraq war as a case study

Çoban Oran, Filiz
Since the events of 9/11 in the USA, academic studies have questioned how the Islamic world perceives and imagines Americans and American foreign policy. In this context, Turkey comes into prominence among Muslim countries, with 90 percent of its population self- identifying as anti-American. This study argues that there are different versions of anti- Americanism in Turkey based on the power struggle of different discourses of Turkish nationalism. For a deeper understanding of why these anti-Americanisms exist, where they come from and how they relate to and challenge each other, it analyzes Turkish media representations of the USA’s war in Iraq by using a discourse-historical approach of Vienna School.


The Critique of liberal peace building in Iraq (2003-2011)
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Çelik, Çelen; Kibaroğlu, Ayşegül; Department of International Relations (2007)
The September 11 terrorist attacks brought a discourse on the transatlantic rift to the agenda of international community. In fact, at the end of the CW, the emergence of the US as the leading hegemonic power gave way to transatlantic divergences concerning security perceptions and strategies of the post-CW era. Also, NATO has been challenged with these drastic changes in the international system. Yet, owing to the initiatives taken for the transformation of the Atlantic alliance during the 1990s, NATO main...
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