Socialism and nationalism in the third world in the age of third worldism

Doğan, Erkan
This article investigates the relationship between socialism and nationalism with a special emphasis on its Third Worldist variant. The Third Worldist orthodoxy of the postcolonial age blurred the boundaries between nationalism and socialism, with Third Worldist nationalism being an expression of resentment directed against imperialism and the uneven development produced by capitalism. Socialism was understood within this Third Worldist moment in terms of a nation’s political and economic liberation from foreign imperialist powers and their internal collaborators. Socialism was seen as something which would make nations politically and economically independent and developed.


Continuity and change in European social democracy: reasserting its viability within the context of globalization
Kamalak, İhsan; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of Biochemistry (2006)
The arguments concerning the unviability of Social Democracy at the beginning of new century within the context of globalization, and the accusations for its shift towards the New Right/Neo-Liberalism in the case of the Third Way has been criticized in a historico-critical way in this thesis. It is claimed that the insufficiency of these arguments arises from their analysis of Social Democracy merely through policies, or party politics, which have displayed great variety in the evolution of Social Democracy...
Totalitarian and authoritarian regimes: a comparison of Stalinism and Putinism
Yengil, Onur; Akçalı, Pınar; Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe; Department of Eurasian Studies (2016)
This thesis aims to compare and contrast Stalin’s Soviet Union with Putin’s post-Soviet Russia by looking at the totalitarian and authoritarian characteristics that these two periods as well as these two leaders display. It is argued that despite certain differences that they have, the totalitarian regime of Stalin and authoritarian regime of Putin share certain similarities the roots of which go back to Russian history. 
Critical analysis on marxist orthodoxies: a contribution of social history of political theory
Koçak, Berkay; Birler, Reşide Ömür; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2017)
This thesis aims to identify the different approaches to historical materialism in a way describing the existing controversy between Political Marxism and mainstream (Orthodox) Marxism especially concentrating on their perspectives viewing the history of political thought. As the unique effort to understand the origins of political theory, the discipline namely ‘the social history of political theory’ -which was founded and developed by Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016)- is revisited and reevaluated in compar...
On consensus, constraint and choice: economic and monetary integration and Europe's welfare states
Bolukbasi, H. Tolga (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
This article reassesses the theoretical expectations and empirical findings in the political economy literature on the impact of economic and monetary union (EMU) on European welfare states. After summarizing the literature which views EMU as the symbol of the primordial conversion to neoliberalism, the article identifies the underlying hypothesis, assumptions, and predictions of the earlier, largely apprehensive literature of the 1990s which was based on ex ante convictions on EMU's social consequences. Th...
Socialism and feminism : an analysis of Turkish radical socialist articles (1987-1994)
Kayalıgil, Münir Cem; Aslan Akman, Canan; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2005)
In this study, radical socialist articles written on feminism, the feminist movement and the woman question published between 1987 and 1994 in Turkey are examined. The study attempts at describing, classifying and analyzing the Turkish socialist discourse manifested in response to the emergence of feminism in Turkey. It is argued that the Turkish socialists̕ approaches to feminism and the feminists do not differ much, nor a change in their approaches with time can be observed. It is also argued that the the...
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