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SCIentific gateway Based User Support (SCI-BUS)

SCI-BUS will create a generic-purpose gateway technology as a toolset to provide seamless access to major computing, data and networking infrastructures and services in Europe including clusters, supercomputers, grids, desktop grids, academic and commercial clouds. SCI-BUS will elaborate an application-specific gateway building technology and customisation methodology based on which user communities can easily develop their own customised gateways. SCI-BUS will use the gateway technology and customization methodology to create 11 application-specific gateways customized for various types of user communities (represented in the project) and to provide gateway services for these communities including astrophysics, seismology, helio-physics, bio-science, computational chemistry, biomedical communities, PireGrid SMEs. community, Blender community, citizens. web-2 community, DCI application developer community, business process modeling community. SCI-BUS will establish production gateway services for the represented user communities and will attract further user communities by training and by other forms of disseminations activities. SCI-BUS will use the established production customized gateways as best-practice case studies based on which other communities can build their own customized gateway. SCI-BUS will provide gateway development, operation and maintenance support for the new communities to build and operate their own customized gateways. SCI-BUS will provide user support for application developers and end-users to develop and run new DCI applications based on the developed gateways. SCI-BUS will develop business models to enable the commercial exploitation of the developed technologies and to guarantee the sustainability of the gateway services developed in the project.