Introduction: Financialisation, crisis, social protests and development alternatives in Southeast Europe

Becker, Joachim
Türel, Oktar
Türkeş, Mustafa
Southeast Europe is the region of the continent that has been most severely hit by the present crisis. GDP has plummeted in many countries, unemployment and poverty have sharply risen. Orthodox structural adjustment programmes have aggravated the recession. In a number of countries, strong social protests have emerged. The crisis has put the question of alternative developmental models on the agenda. To pose the question of development models implies to search for the reasons why the pre-crisis growth models and strategies have so dismally failed.


Critical evaluation of “adjacent areas” concept from urban growth perspective in Turkish urban planning: the case of Ankara
Yıldırım, Sibel; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Department of City and Regional Planning (2008)
The effects of expansion of cities on the fringe area are still the common problems of several countries as well as Turkey. The main problem stemming from rapid urban growth was described as urban sprawl that has been used as waste of land, time, and natural resources. Although sprawl becomes usually unplanned, uncontrolled, and uncoordinated, it can be claimed that some local and national government policies triggers the urban sprawl by creating planned areas more than required. The growth management polic...
Evaluation of tsunami scenarios for western Peloponnese, Greece
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Dilmen, D. I.; Aytore, B.; Ayca, A.; Insel, I.; Zaytsev, A. (2014-06-01)
Tsunami hazard assessment of the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is the current interest of the countries having, a coastline in this region. Considering today's increasing population on the coasts and historical tsunamis, it is essential to estimate the probable tsunami risk, which might occur, to be able to mitigate the risk before the actual tsunami event happens. For this purpose, European Union funded project., SEAHELLARC is formed to develop a methodology and tools for seismic and tsunami safety...
Insights into biaxial extensional tectonics: an example from the Sandikli Graben, West Anatolia, Turkey
Cihan, M; Sarac, G; Gokce, O (Wiley, 2003-01-01)
West Anatolia, together with the Aegean Sea and the easternmost part of Europe, is one of the best examples of continental extensional tectonics. It is a complex area bounded by the Aegean-Cyprus Arc to the south and the North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ) to the north. Within this complex and enigmatic framework, the Sandikli Graben (10 km wide, 30 km long) has formed at the eastern continuation of the Western Anatolian extensional province at the north-northwestward edge of the Isparta Angle. Recent studies...
Preliminary results from the North Anatolian Fault Passive Seismic Experiment Seismicity and anisotropy
Biryol, C. Berk; Özacar, Atilla Arda; Beck, Susan L.; Zandt, George (2006-12-11)
The North Anatolian Fault (NAF) is one of the world's largest continental strike-slip faults. Despite much geological work at the surface, the deep structure of the NAF is relatively unknown. The North Anatolian Fault Passive Seismic Experiment is mainly focused on the lithospheric structure of this newly coalescing continental transform plate boundary. In the summer of 2005, we deployed 5 broadband seismic stations near the fault to gain more insight on the background seismicity, and in June 2006 we deploy...
Conservation Focus on Europe: Major Conservation Policy Issues That Need to Be Informed by Conservation Science
Pullin, Andrew S.; Baldi, Andras; Can, Ozgun Emre; Dieterich, Martin; Kati, Vassiliki; Livoreil, Barbara; Lovei, Gabor; Mihok, Barbara; Nevin, Owen; Selva, Nuria; Sousa-Pinto, Isabel (2009-08-01)
Europe is one of the world's most densely populated continents and has a long history of human-dominated land- and seascapes. Europe is also at the forefront of developing and implementing multinational conservation efforts. In this contribution, we describe some top policy issues in Europe that need to be informed by high-quality conservation science. These include evaluation of the effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network of protected sites, implications of rapid economic and subsequent land- use change i...
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