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The Privatisation Experience In Turkey And Argentina: A Comparative Study, 1986-2007

Karataş, Cevat
Ercan, Metin
This paper examines and compares in details the privatiation experiences in Turkey and Argentina during the 1986-2007 period. The sales methods used in both countries are discussed and public offer and block sales are appraised to reflect their impacts on the welfare of the society. The privatisation practice of Argentina is discussed in terms of its scope,sales method and post-privatisation results and in particular key issues such as monopolisation and consumers’ protection are accentuated.The effectiveness of regulatory policy both in Turkey and Argentina is also discussed and the role to be played by the regulatory body in detering anti-competitive bevavior is debated. The relative effect of privatsation policy on macroeconomic performance in both countries is reflected. In the context of Turkey, reference is made to various studies which have examined efficiency and productivity of public companies during the post-privatisation period ,particularly in the cement and telecommunications sectors. In the final section, some key issues relevant to Turkish and Argentinean privatisation policies are discussed and some conclusions are drawn.