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Conservati on of Ancient Stone Quarry Landscapes in theEastern Mediterranean (QUARRYSCAPES)

The cultural heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean is predominantly made from stone, and throughout antiquity thousands of smaller and larger quarries were opened. The archaeological record in the quarries comprises rare evidence of stone extraction sites, roads, harbours, settlements, ceramics and inscriptions, which collectively constitute an ?ancient quarry landscape?. Such landscapes are of crucial importance, not only to our understanding of the lives of the non-elite, but of the political and ideolog ical ambitions of an elite that drove resource exploitation to such heights. Yet, as heritage sites of such enormous historical importance these have largely gone unrecognised, mainly due to poor documentation, which has consequently led to their current i ndiscriminate destruction from actions such as modern development and quarrying. The QuarryScapes project will enhance cultural heritage management of ancient quarry landscapes through the development of methodology and conservation models that can be effe ctively implemented in a range cultural contexts. ?Quarryscapes? will develop scientific and practical methodologies for documentation, characterisation and conservation of ancient quarry landscapes, raise awareness of the significance and vulnerability of such sites and contribute to legal protection measures and sustainable management of ancient quarry landscapes. Through case studies in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, the project will address development of theoretical and practical methods pertaining to the m ajor steps in the process of conservation: from recognition, investigation and assessment of significance, to understanding the risks, developing sound conservation and monitoring concepts, and suggesting mechanisms for sustainable management. QuarryScapes will also organise open workshops and disseminate project results through the development of practical guidelines for conservation of ancient quarry landscapes.