Dynamic analysis of the dam-reservoir foundation system.

Ozerhan, Orhan


Dynamic analysis of framed off-shore structures.
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Dynamic analysis of trickle bed reactors.
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Dynamic analysis of rectangular plate structures by the finite element method.
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Dynamic analysis and modelling of a rocket launcher system
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In this study, a compliant version of the cardan universal joint whose compliant parts are made of blue polished spring steel is considered. The original design consist of two identical parts assembled at right angles with respect to each other. Identical parts can be produced from planar materials; thus, it has the advantage of easiness in manufacturing. As a design example, two mechanisms are dimensioned with different plate thicknesses. The resultant stresses at flexural hinges of these samples are deter...
Dynamic characteristics and performance assessment of reinforced concrete structural walls
Kazaz, İlker; Gülkan, Polat; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
The analytical tools used in displacement based design and assessment procedures require accurate strain limits to define the performance levels. Additionally, recently proposed changes to modeling and acceptance criteria in seismic regulations for both flexure and shear dominated reinforced concrete structural walls proves that a comprehensive study is required for improved limit state definitions and their corresponding values. This is due to limitations in the experimental setups, such that most previous...
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O. Ozerhan, “Dynamic analysis of the dam-reservoir foundation system.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.