Behaviour of recycled asphalt paving material.

Taralam, Mohammad


Behaviour of surface pollution films on high voltage insulations.
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Behaviour of reinforced earth walls subjected to surcharge loadings.
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Behaviour of oversize particles in iron ore balling
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The fineness of material for iron ore pelletizing is generally 80% to 90% -325# (45 mum). The presence of oversize particles (+500 mum) in the feed does not exceed a few tenths of a percent and their behaviour in pelletizing has not attracted much attention. This is partly because the behaviour of oversize particles can not be easily observed in lab tests. In a recent industrial plant-scale test, it was determined that oversize particles tend to accumulate in the green balling circuit. Such an occurrence do...
Behaviour of dry joints under seismic action.
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Behaviour of laminated circular glass plates
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M. Taralam, “Behaviour of recycled asphalt paving material.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.