Application of multivarate analysis for determining the factors effecting the academic performance of M.E.T.U students.

Tüfekçi, Süleyman


Application of systems analysis to the flowing and artificially lifted oil wells in a selected oil field.
Odabaşı, Ali Onursal; Bağcı, A. Suat; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (1999)
Application of a Hybrid Machine Learning model on short term electricty demand prediction
Assar, Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Farouk; Fahrioğlu, Murat; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2022-2)
Electricity demand forecasting is an important procedure in the electricity market and plays a great role in assuring a sustainable and efficient operation chain. By accurately forecasting the demand, one can see a considerable reduction in production costs as well as saving energy resources. Therefore, optimizing the demand forecasting techniques became an inseparable goal of power economics, leading to the introduction of machine learning to this sector that proved to be superior to other pre-defined alte...
Application of computational fluid dynamics to predict hydrodynamic downpull on high head gates
Köken, Mete; Aydın, İsmail (2017-01-01)
Purpose - High head gates are commonly used in hydropower plants for flow regulation and emergence closure. Hydrodynamic downpull can be a critical parameter in design of the lifting mechanism. The purpose of this paper is to show that a simplified two-dimensional (2D) computational fluid dynamics solution can be used in the prediction of the downpull force on the gate lip by comparison of computed results to experimentally measured data.
Application of frequency-domain linearized Euler solutions to the prediction of aft fan tones and comparison with experimental measurements on model scale turbofan exhaust nozzles
Özyörük, Yusuf (Elsevier BV, 2011-08-01)
Although it is widely accepted that aircraft noise needs to be further reduced, there is an equally important, on-going requirement to accurately predict the strengths of all the different aircraft noise sources, not only to ensure that a new aircraft is certifiable and can meet the ever more stringent local airport noise rules but also to prioritize and apply appropriate noise source reduction technologies at the design stage. As the bypass ratio of aircraft engines is increased - in order to reduce fuel c...
Application of a rapid methodology for preliminary appraisal of kaolinite deposits
Cetin, Mahir Can; Altun, Naci Emre (EDP Sciences; 2016-09-28)
An approach that facilitates the mineralogical-compositional analysis and beneficiation-classification procedure was used for fast assessment of the evaluation possibility of kaolin deposits. The approach was applied on two different kaolin deposits from the Aegean region in Turkey. The kaolin samples were characterized using XRD and XRF analyses to determine the key mineralogical characteristics and major components such as Al2O3. The samples were then subjected to the attrition-scrubbing-hydrocycloning pr...
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S. Tüfekçi, “Application of multivarate analysis for determining the factors effecting the academic performance of M.E.T.U students.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.