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Cytotoxicity of freeze dried EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib against overexpressing EGFR and COX-2 colon cancer cell lines and its stability and functional analysis after storage

In this project, we propose to design EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib and use freeze drying as a mean to stabilize it under storage conditions. The mean size, retention of encapsulated materials will be evaluated before lyophilization and after rehydration from storage condition upon its application. In order to show that EGFR antibody of lyophilized immunoliposome maintain its binding activity on the target cell upon rehydration, we will be measuring the extent of immunoliposome internalization in EGFR overexpressing cell lines (HCT116) by visualization under a confocal microscope and quantify its internalization by flow cytometer. Moreover, the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR targeted immunoliposome will also be evaluated in a COX-2 overexpressing cell line at conditions where the EGFR is overexpressed.