Cytotoxicity of freeze dried EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib against overexpressing EGFR and COX-2 colon cancer cell lines and its stability and functional analysis after storage

In this project, we propose to design EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib and use freeze drying as a mean to stabilize it under storage conditions. The mean size, retention of encapsulated materials will be evaluated before lyophilization and after rehydration from storage condition upon its application. In order to show that EGFR antibody of lyophilized immunoliposome maintain its binding activity on the target cell upon rehydration, we will be measuring the extent of immunoliposome internalization in EGFR overexpressing cell lines (HCT116) by visualization under a confocal microscope and quantify its internalization by flow cytometer. Moreover, the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR targeted immunoliposome will also be evaluated in a COX-2 overexpressing cell line at conditions where the EGFR is overexpressed.


Modeling and numerical analysis of single droplet drying
Dalmaz, Nesip; Özbelge, H. Önder; Department of Chemical Engineering (2005)
A new single droplet drying model is developed that can be used as a part of computational modeling of a typical spray drier. It is aimed to describe the drying behavior of a single droplet both in constant and falling rate periods using receding evaporation front approach coupled with the utilization of heat and mass transfer equations. A special attention is addressed to develop two different numerical solution methods, namely the Variable Grid Network (VGN) algorithm for constant rate period and the Vari...
Design and implementation of high fill factor structures on low-cost uncooled infrared sensors
Ertürk, Ozan; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2015)
This thesis presents the design and implementation steps of high fill factor structures for existing SOI diode low-cost microbolometer FPAs. Advancements in uncooled infrared detectors enable high performance military grade uncooled microbolometers as well as ultra-low-cost infrared imagers for civilian applications. The trend in uncooled microbolometers to reduce the pixel pitch has become increasingly significant to lower the cost of detector and system integration due to optics, and increase spatial reso...
Assessment of dewatering / depressurization requirements for the Çeltikci Coal Basin, Ankara - Turkey
Peksezer Sayıt, Ayş; Yazıcıgil, Hasan; Department of Geological Engineering (2019)
The dewatering requirements and their anticipated impacts on groundwater resources were evaluated for both open pit and a representative longwall panel using a 3D numerical groundwater flow model developed by FEFlow software. Eleven years of mining in the open pit was simulated by hydraulic head boundary conditions, whereas the modulation functions were used to de-/activate boundary conditions according to mine advance. The simulation results indicate that average groundwater inflow rate to the open pit is ...
Improving deformation characteristics of sand soils using bio-improvement methods
Tunalı, Mert; Pekcan, Onur; Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
Utilizing biological processes is new and innovative method which can be used to improve engineering properties of soils in an environmentally friendly way. In this study, a recently introduced bio-improvement method named microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) is used to improve the strength and deformation characteristics of soft soils. For that purpose, ureolytic bacteria were utilized to improve the strength properties of soils. Ureolytic bacteria can induce enzymatic hydrolysis of urea, which...
Effects of chain extension and branching on the properties of recycled poly(ethylene terephtkalate)-organoclay nanocomposites
Keyfoğlu, Ali Emrah; Yılmazer, Ülkü; Department of Chemical Engineering (2004)
In this study, the effects of chain extension and branching on the properties of nanocomposites produced from recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) and organically modified clay were investigated. As the chain extension/branching agent, maleic anhydride (MA) and pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) were used. The nanocomposites were prepared by twin-screw extrusion, followed by injection molding. Recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), was mixed with 2, 3 and 4 weight % of organically modified montmorillonite. Du...
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