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High efficiency combined - cycle gas polygenerator for ecological local generation (HEGEL)

Objective is to develop, demonstrate and assess an innovative, high efficiency concept of micro-cogeneration system applied to a real demand site under real operating conditions. The application concept is based on a combined cycle architecture (Combi system) constituted by two integrated cogenerators powered by different prime movers: an innovative reciprocating engine cogenerator and a Rankine engine system (bottoming cycle) operated on the exhaust gases of the reciprocating engine. The location will be in Istanbul (Turkey) to perform the energy service to an office or residential building. The activity plan includes also system and market studies aimed at evaluating the competitive positioning of the proposed solution in view of exploitation. Economic evaluations will include profitability, business analysis and external costs The proposed Combi system could complement or substitute centralised power generation resulting in substantial savings of energy (up to 36%), CO2 (up to 50%) and emissions.